Mov en Mov Awards 2022

We announce the prizes of the Mexican festival Movimiento en Movimiento which was celebrated in September, 2022.

Movement in Movement awards 3 prizes:

a) National Screendance Award MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, 2022.

b) International Screendance Award MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, 2022.

c) MOV EN MOV-REDIV Award, 2022

The official selection is done by four curators; this year Lucitzel Pedrozo, Rocío Becerril and Yolanda M. Guadarrama were active. Nayeli Benhumea only participated as advisor for some specific works for this edition.

The awards were chosen by international juries. Fernanda Vallejos and Anna Macdonald for the national and international awards, in these awards the curators also gave a unanimous vote for the final count.

For MOV EN MOV-REDIV award, the jurors were members of the Ibero-American Videodance Network, REDIV: María Fernanda Vallejos and Diego Carrera.

Everyone, jurors and curator, are profesionals dedicated in different ways to cultivating, creating and disseminating screendancd and audiovisuals in general, either independently or academically. You can see their biographical sketches on this: page.

The parameters that the juries followed for the elections vary between: photographic quality, development of the narrative of the audiovisual discourse, coherence of the argument in the edition, balance between audiovisual language and body language, experimental risk, universality of the topics covered.

Only the first places of the national and international prizes win an economic stimulus. And the three MOV IN MOV-REDIV award winners win a Merce Cunningham Centennial book.


a) National Screendance Award MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, 2022.

First Place: Ooniric

This film inside the forest is very well produced, it is a very successful framework between choreography, camera, content, gestures, costumes, rhythm, structure. We reward the organization to achieve a high quality product based on the collaboration between production, direction, choreographers and dancers of different training levels. There are great moments in which several people appear running out from behind the trees, and in a surreal way it makes a speculation of the self in control, out of control, accompanied or alone.

Second Place: Estrobo 2

This film offers a striking shaking image of a dancer, , it really interrogates what film does to movement and breaks apart the illusion of coherent movement. It is refreshing and playful image. With a gesture it builds an entire structure and visual proposal. There is balance and rhythm, it competes with the best tradition of experimental cinema from past decades. In its meaning it generates intense anguish.

Third Place: Ojo Infinito

This film has a very favorable camera, the editing rhythm is good, and although the choreography at times seems very scenic, it dialogues very well with the camera, the sound is very careful in terms of music and incidentals. The concentration of Butoh dance performance and all its components generate a coherent whole, which is very valuable. We reward the great production in collaboration with all those involved in direction, cinematography, choreography, choreocinematography, sound, costumes, spatial composition, colorists, production and others involved.

b) International Screendance Award MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, 2022.

First place: Rooms

This work begins with an enigmatic and beautiful shot, the camera is always placed at an angle where the beauty of simple and everyday things is shown. The creators found convincing ways to alternate between documentary and dance, which is very difficult to achieve. It is a mature reflection on identity and the space inhabited by a character that recounts part of his biography as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. The body, reflection, text and camera coexist, dialogue with great harmony in this documentary-screendance piece.

Second Place: In the Vicinity of the Sun

This film is the identity portrait of several dancers who express themselves in an urban context with great bodily fluidity. It was performed during the pandemic and the dancers celebrate and experience dance as an escape. It is a work that was carefully thought through, it moves between poetic, descriptive and abstract registers. The repeated and interconnected text “pay attention to the next visitor” held the different scenes together, their reflection on the strange visitors in the vicinity of the sun serves as a excuse to think about their own identity, which in many cases was conceived in countries far from Ireland, the actual portrayed country in the film.

Third Place: La Claque/Cheer

This work places us in an unusual perspective to see the dance, its value implies the connection between the technical virtuosity of dance with the sexual attraction that the dancers, the cheerleaders, want to show. Between menstruation metaphors with the red color and the strong scenes of the cheerleaders looking in the mirror, as well as a pregnant cheerleader and bodies that are not the most common or classical in the world of dance, this film holds our gaze with a feminine bet appealing for respect and appreciation of what is different.

c) MOV EN MOV-REDIV Award, 2022

First Place: Bajo la Piel

The film approaches the feminine space, the body itself, but also as a metaphor for thought. This is achieved with a very careful photograph. The edition undoubtedly consolidates a plot line that uses very consistent time structures, mixing everyday, symbolic and other almost abstract images.

This is why, it is understood, that the film deserves the first place in the selection of this jury.

Second place: Ojo Infinito

The piece consolidates an argument that is based, more than anything, on its protagonists. It has a good photography and a good choreographic adaptation for the screen; body and camera dialogue, they amalgamate, building, at times, an indissoluble bond. The theme of the work immerses us in a surreal space-time, taking us to the ritual universe of ancestral practices.

This is why, it is understood, that the film deserves the second place in the selection of this jury.

Third Place: Ooniric

The piece is presented in a very significant environment, a natural setting where the dancers explore, with their movements, the verticality of countless tall trees, managing to blend in with the environment. While the film exploits those forces, there are at times powerful images that could have been used more and developed into the overall storyline.

This is why, it is understood, that the film deserves the third place in the selection of this jury.