MeM#2 —2) Sois Belle et Tais-toi (EN)

2) Sois Belle et Tais-toi. (Lisa De Boeck, Marilène Coolens. Belgium.) 5:43 min.

—Be beautiful and keep quiet—


’The story of a younger woman who’s non-fiction has become pure fiction. An imagined sequence fulfilling the need to escape.

The visual stories that Lisa & Marilène bring give you a double sense. On the one hand you 2_sois_belle_bajahave the impression that you are right away in the story or situation, partly because of the whirling representation show that is reflected in both the moving and the photographic images. But on closer inspection do you notice that there are many ‘little stings’ hidden inside. Loveliness and despair, joy and fear, loneliness and intimate contact, … flow seamlessly into one another.

‘The Escape’ does play literally in a borderland between high and low tide, with the sea on one side, although tempting, yet offers no way out. On the other hand, ‘land’ where the ‘real’ life takes place.

Direction: Lisa De Boeck & Marilène Coolens

Choreography: Lisa De Boeck & Sabine Molenaar

Performer: Sabine Molenaar

Photography and Camera: memymom

Editing: Lisa De Boeck

Sound and Music: Los Indios Tabajares – Maria Elena (1962)

Production: memymom



2_Lisa_De_BoeckMemymom is a collaboration between two artists, a mother (Marilene Coolens) and her daughter (Lisa de Boeck). Two self-taught photographers who work and live in Brussels, Belgium. ‘The cross-generational project’ began with what the pair describes as a ‘The Umbilical Vein’. They are referring to analogue image archives of Marilene encouraging Lisa to express herself and to invent her own improvised theatre sketches. These semistaged dreamscape portraits developed into a mature conversation that deals not only with personal identity, potential and a maternal relationship, but has evolved into a plea for sensual analysis and tragic romanticism. It reveals both the foundations of the close mother-daughter bond and the professional career of this artistic duo, who have worked together under the moniker Memymom since 2004.

The rough analogue images of a past era form a source of inspiration for the artists’ current work which produces an emotional aesthetics that stops just short of the erotic; inventing mystery, exercising intimacy and creating a post-modern hyperlinked narrative where anything might unfold. Exposing the desire to create a life embellished beyond our own harsh realities and juxtapose those tales against reality.

Marilène Coolens (1953) and Lisa De Boeck (1985) have previously exhibited in Germany, Spain and Belgium. This summer they were part of Watou Art Festival and they are invited at The Flemish Arts Center ‘De Brakke Grond’ for a solo exhibition of their analogue image archive in Amsterdam. The mother-daughter relationship means Memymom can often work in a highly intuitive manner that allows the results to emerge naturally, even almost automatically.


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