Forth International Videodance Screening


“The Fall in the Body”


The present age leads us down paths of increasingly complex reflection. Where are we going? The works to be presented show us some ways these reflections can suggest through this hybrid art: videodance.
The eleven videodance pieces to be shown on this occasion will bring us back to the human body, in most cases, affected by some of the affections of the fall of the Being.
Eleven works of dance, of movement, built by the hybrid mix: audiovisual language and dance, film and dance, adding all the multiple elements that these two geners can contain: technology, theater, music, thinking …
This fourth edition features the work of ten international artists (Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Germany). We’ll see: Examples of how we can walk to the inevitable death; Personal conditions because of technology; mirrors of spontaneous movement, almost animal movements; an obscene body in its concrete existence; water and body monographs; the myth of Sisyphus illustrated by human fragility; the desire of disappearing; sadistic and modern Little Red Riding Hood; the swan of the story Swan Lake being shown very tired and almost in fire; and a series of deeply absurd women: insane femininity?
After the screening of the dance films, interviews to all the authors of the films where they tell us about their creative experience, will be shown in monitors around the projection room.
The week after the screening, most of the videos will be shown in MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO permanent gallery on the web: