MeM#2 —8) The Cast (EN)

8) The Cast. (Anabella Pareja Robinson, Leonardo Martins. Mexico, Argentina.) 4:57 min.

“After a long selection process we decided that we had only one woman with the 8_the_cast_bajarequirements for this film.” Director.

The Cast has the aim to investigate the resulting choreography using the concepts of repetition and difference, relying on the observation of the different roles that coexist in the same piece.

Choreographer and Performer: Anabella Pareja Robinson

Camera and Editing: Leonardo Martins

Music: Ulises Conti

Production: Colectivo Fresco


8_Anabella_ParejaSince 2006 she has developped her work as a choreographer in an independant way, with the need of finding her own language between choreography, dance, performance, video and theater. Anabella has created the pieces, “Historias posibles del cuerpo” (2013 ) , “el fin de los principios” (2012), “las cosas no son (sino) lo que son” (2010-2011), “Yo quiero hacer una película de acción” (short piece) (2011), “SEGUNDA TEMPORADA” (2010), “SORDOS” (2009) and the videodances “The Cast” (2011 ) and “DEL GÉNERO SINFÓNICO” (2010 ) in Mexico city . ” Desayuno” (2008 ) and “Tokyo” (2006 ) in Buenos Aires.
She has studied and worked as an interpreter in Mexico , Spain and Argentina , with different choreographers.
Anabella and Leonardo Martins created COLECTIVO FRESCO in 2007, project for the research of visual and performing arts.
She complemented her dance studies with theater, film script , camera and editing.
Now she is part of Colectivo AM, ex INQUIETANDO, with whom she created the forum SALA TOMADA (2010 ) in Teatro de la Danza in Mexico and the piece MEXICAN DANCE (2011 ), premiered in RE/POSICIONES, forum for contemporary scene (2011) and La Coronela (2012 ), premiered in RE/POSICIONES, forum for contemporary scene (2012).



8_Leonardo_Martins_bajaLeonardo was born in Buenos Aires, he moved with his family to Brazil where he did part of his studies, so his childhood and his teens were between Brazil and Argentina. Since he was very young, he started a self-training that initiated him in video creation. Years later he began to work in different audio visual production companies. He studied documentary film at the UPMPM, screenplay, photography and audiovisual production in different places.

Leonardo and Anabella Pareja created COLECTIVO FRESCO in 2007, project for the research of visual and performing arts.

He has done video clips, short films, documentaries, TV formats, and videodance.


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