MeM#5 —17) Four Stages of Collapse

MeM#5 —17) Four Stages of Collapse (John Williams. USA.) 9:30 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

MeM#5 —17) Four Stages of Collapse (John Williams. USA.) 9:30 min.

“Four Stages of Collapse” is a social-political film which portrays a Totalitarian regime that suppresses basic human rights, criminalizes religion, and eliminates diversity. Is this happening in the world today? The film is powerfully choreographed and performed by world-renowned Jabbawockeez dancer: Tony Tran with dramatic scenes by Ilka Urbach, Herman Sinitzyn and Mary Jane Wells.

Written, Produced and Directed by John T. Williams25_5_four-stages-of-collapse-by-john-williams

Choreography/Performance: Tony Tran

Director of Photography: Marc Vanocur

Actors: Ilka Urbach (Soviet Announcer), Herman Sinitzyn (Political Prisoner) and Mary Jane Wells (Voice Over Announcer)

Music: Zachary Spooner


(2016) Bushwick Film Festival (New York); (2016) DELETE TV (Australia). (2016) International Film Festival North Hollywood (Hollywood). (2016) Utah Dance Film Festival (Utah). (2015) Moving Images Video Dance Film Festival (Cyprus). (2015) International Dance Film Festival Brussels (Belgium). (2015) International Video Dance Film Festival Columbia (Columbia).

25_5_johntwilliamsJOHN T. WILLIAMS

John T. Williams is an award-winning social political screen dance filmmaker. His films have been presented in over 70 film festivals throughout South America, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Interview to John T. Williams, talking about his creative experience.

MeM#5 —17) John Williams. USA. Entrevista por su obra Four Stages of Collapse. INTERVIEW. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

This interview was recorded and edited by John T. Williams, answering to the question Yolanda M. Guadarrama (representing Movimiento en Movimiento) sent to him.

Ambar González helped to place Spanish subtitles.