MeM#3 —4) Discrete Points

MeM#3 —4) Discrete Points (Anthrocollagik Sound + Movement Co. U.S.A.) 1:34 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


Utilizing stop-motion animation, Discrete Points presents a figure traversing layered realities formed of memory. We create our inner land as an idealized homespace with images and places remembered, as we seek to ‘return’ to where we once were.


Director: Amy Ling Huynh and Christina Leyva

Choreography: Christina Leyva

Performers: Christina Leyva

Photography: Jean-Pierre Swennen, Amy Ling Huynh, Christina Leyva, Yu Cottonwell, Jeffrey Yedloski

Editing: Amy Ling Huynh

Music: Amy Ling Huynh



4_Anthrocollagik_bajaAnthrocollagik Sound + Movement Co. forges an amalgam of body performance, video, sound, and installation. Co-directors Amy Ling Huynh and Christina Leyva bring the essence of their music/visual art and movement practices into a collaborative transcendence of their forms.


Fascinated by biology and cartography, Anthrocollagik Co. communicates a vast, yet intimate experience of place. They contemplate the microcosms of California, asking, “Do we inhabit spaces, or do spaces inhabit us?” Leyva shape-shifts through traditional and modern movement, while Huynh combines visual and musical elements in live performance and video. At the edge of the urban and the natural, Anthrocollagik Co. unifies the moving body with its sound and color, narrating a single moment, time and place, that approaches, then has already passed.


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