MeM#1 —3) Chámame

MeM#1 —3) Chámame. (Silvina Szperling, Susana Szperling. Argentina.) 9:00 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Chámame. (Silvina Szperling, Susana Szperling. Argentina.) 9:00 min.

CHAMAMEiiiIn Chámame, 2008, a delirious woman gets carried away by the Paraná River stream. This chameleon-like woman is able to become one with the plants or the fish; she is at times a heroin and at times a victim, rescued by a fisherman from drowning in the river.

The relationship Nature/body is at the core of the piece. The question about humans being able or not to control Nature triggers Fantasy, Mythology and the absurd.

The title Chámame is a word game between the Spanish word llámame (call me) and the folk rhythm chamamé. It’s a call for attention from the woman of her musician partner. The music by Alejandro Franov uses folk elements and instruments (accordion, guitar) and processes them through contemporary composition methods.

The film is also the support for a fantastic solo by Argentine choreographer Susana Szperling, framed by amazing landscapes and ending in a popular fiesta, which includes musicians, dancers and an asado (barbecue) cooked by gauchos.

Direction: Silvina Szperling

Choreography: Susana Szperling

Performers: Susana Szperling, Sebastián Bistolfi, Walter Ferreyra,

Gabriela Gobbi, Valeria Martínez and Leylén Segundo

Photography and Editing: Guillermo Fernández

Post-produced Sound: Federico Travi

Music: Alejandro Franov

Production: SZ Danza, with the support of Prodanza and Alianza Francesa from Buenos Aires. Associated Production: Judith Wiskitski



A U T H O R S 

3_Silvina_Szperling_b     SILVINA SZPERLING

Director and founder of Festival Internacional de Video-danza de Buenos Aires (, founder member of Circuito Videodanza MERCOSUR and Foro Latinoamericano de Videodanza (

Szperling became a pioneer of the videodanza genre in her country with her first work Temblor (Prize “Best Edition” by Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación and part of the dance collection of the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center). She has written articles for UCLA in the book Envisioning dance on Film and Video and Itaú Cultural for Rumos 2009/2010. She is co-compiler of the book Terpsícore en ceros y unos. Ensayos de Videodanza. She gave lectures at idat99 (international dance and technology conference/Arizona State University), in Dance for the Camera Symposium, (University de Wisconsin in Madison/USA), Dance Screen Monaco y Dance Screen Brighton in the Mostra de Video-dansa, (Barcelona/España), among others. She has integrated the first panel of selection of projects of EMPAC (USA), where projects from all the American Continent were selected. She gives workshops and lectures about videodance in Argentina and Latin America.

She teaches the matter “Specific Language Seminar (Dance)” on IUNA / Criticism on Arts and matter “Videodanza” in UNSAM. It is important to highlight the workshops that she usually gives at EICTV (International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba), the last result piece of this courses has won the top prize in the festival Dance For The Camera of Utah University. She has curated Videodance for many festivals in Argentina, Latin America and Europe. She has performed and led the program Videodanza on Channel 7, 2002.

Her videodance SZiS has gained a subsidy from Dance Film Association of New York and was premiered in the selection of the III International Jewish Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Hoyts General Cinema, November 2005) and exhibited at MALBA, Festival Dança em Foco in Rio de Janeiro, at FIVU in Montevideo, festival Oberá in shorts films and TV O Povo in Ceará, Brazil.

She made the videodance Chamame along with the choreographer Susana Szperling, this videodance won the award for best performance in the festival Tápias in Rio de Janeiro (2009). Chamame also won the first prize in Women and the Cinema (2009) and the third prize of La noche del cortometraje / INCAA (2009) and also won the first prize in the contest dancescreen / IMZ 2010, at the festival Cinedans of Amsterdam in the category choreography for the camera (C2-short films up to 15 min.), it has been shown in the program Territoris dansa on Catalunya TV, on Norwegian TV station NRK and on German TV ZDF-Kultur. It has been selected in the international festivals moves09 (Manchester, UK), dança em foco (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Dance Camera West (Los Angeles, USA), Dance On Camera (NYC, USA), FRAME (Porto, Portugal), among others.

3_Susana_Szperling_b       SUSANA SZPERLING

Choreographer / Dancer / Teacher IUNA/ Director of SZ Danza

Her works have been performed in Festivals in various countries: Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Poland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Mozambique. She also choreographed for Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón and Ballet del Mercosur, led by Maximiliano Guerra.

She taught in the above countries and in France and Czech Republic. She teaches at the IUNA and Centro Cultural Rojas since 1997, currently in matters of contemporary dance, formerly of Dance Composition and Dance Theatre.

She was elected to the residence and co-production 2004 with her work Diario de Viaje by the Schloss Broellin Theater, Germany, under the auspices of Pro danza and F.N. Artes.

She was an invited dancer at Ballet del Teatro San Martín and was a member of the Susan Marshall company, she danced with this company in Lincoln Center and Metropolitan Opera House in New York. She was invited as international choreographer to Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and American Dance Festival. She received the scholarship Antorchas -Goethe Institute- International Theater Institute for Choreographers program in Germany. Susana took classes in the companies of Pina Bausch y Sasha Waltz. She danced in La Plaza with the group EL Descueve. As an actress she co-starred in the film Invierno mala vida directed by Gregorio Kramer. She appeared in the cast of Becket-Kagel en concierto, musical direction by Santiago Santero and setting by Vivi Tellas.

Susana made NO VIO, multimedia work for CVLP org. de desarrollo y transformación social, performed in Cultura y Media Gobierno ciudad de Bs,. As.

She graduated at Taller de Danza Contemporánea del Teatro San Martín. She received scholarships of Trisha Brown Company among others. She also studied dance with Meredith Monk, Julyen Hamilton, Daniel Lepkoff, David Zambrano and Meg Stuart. She studied Scenario I and II with Rubén Szchumacher. She also studied as a graduate matter: research methodology. She was a founding member of COCOA, organizing dance theater First Party, First Festival of contemporary dance in Buenos Aires and Teachers Project, inviting the teachers Meg Stuart, Hamilton and I. Kovac. Her company did artistic exchanges with the company Proyecto Cuvilas in Mozambique and with Patricia Rincón Company (San Diego University, USA).

Susana has done 4 videodance pieces: Billingual Duetto (multimedia version and video version) at the American Dance Festival, sistersister (performed at the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón-CETC), Speedmaster directed by Robert Bonomo and Cuatro Estaciones directed by Sol Carvalho (Mozambique).

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