MeM#2 —1) The dance of quail. First movement

1) The dance of quail. First movement (Chus Dominguez y Elena Córdoba. Spain.) 7:34 min.

In the film “Vivre sa vie” by Jean Luc Godard, Elena Córdoba, choreographer and dancer, 1_Danza_de_la_Codorniz_bajaheard a small dialog that talked about the nature of chickens and soul. From that text she took the idea of reviving the body of a quail ready to be cooked, and, following Godard, finding in it the soul of the dancer posthumously.

Direction: Chus Domínguez and Elena Córdoba

Choreography and Performance: Elena Córdoba

Photography, Editing and Production: Chus Domínguez

Sound from the film “Vivre sa vie”, Jean Luc Godard



1_chus dominguez_bajaHe is an Audiovisual Artist who uses video and film as tools, and documentary as a language. He works with elements that come directly from reality to build narrative that is at the same time documentary, experimental work, and poetry.

He has worked in collaboration —in the audiovisual part— in different performance creations (dance, theater, performance) with the next creators or groups: The company Societat Doctor Alonso. The choreographer Idoia Zabaleta and the actress Espe López (project La Glorieta). The musician and performer Nilo Gallego (project Orquestina de Pigmeos). The theater writer Rodrigo García y La Carnicería Teatro. The choreographers Elena Alonso, Mónica Valenciano, Olga Mesa and Elena Córdoba. Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne.

His work has been selected, among others, in The Forgotten Spanish, non-fiction cinema and its renewal (Anthology Film Archives, New York 2011) Caras B del Vídeo Arte en España (AECID 2010) Programa D´GENERACIÓN experiencias subterráneas de la no-ficción española (Instituto Cevantes 2009-2010) Volumen 11 (ZEMOS 98 y Hamaca 2010) Festival Loop, Off Loop, Amalgama (Galería Atelier, Barcelona 2009) Videofronteras vídeocreación, vídeodanza y vídeoacción (ARTEA, España 2006-2008).



 ©Susana Paiva

©Susana Paiva

She is an Independent Choreographer, specialized in classic and contemporary dance in Madrid and Paris. She creates pieces since 1989. She is working in a project to study and create about human anatomy “Poetic anatomy”. She has worked as a choreographer in pieces by Rodrigo García, Carlos Marquerie, Antonio Fernández Lera, and John Romao. Her pedagogic work has gone parallel to her carrier as a choreographer.

Elena has done the next pieces in collaboration with different creators:

2011.- El ángel caído (with Chus Domínguez)

2010.- La danza de la codorniz. Primer movimiento (with Chus Domínguez)

2008-10.- Los Museos del Silencio (with Sylvia Calle)

2008.- El cuerpo de un ángel (with Chus Dominguez)

2002.- Ojos Secos (with Javier Marquerie)

1996.- Estaos quietos hijos de puta (with Rodrigo García)

1993.- Un beso 25 minutos en tu cuello (with Rodrigo García)


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