MeM#2 —9) Estoy loca por ti (I am crazy for you)

9) Estoy loca por ti. (Guillermo Fadanelli, Luis Urrutia, Yolanda M. Guadarrama. Mexico.) 10 min.

Inspired by Estelita Nuñez’s music, who is the representative of the genre of condensed milk, 9_Estoy_locaB_bajathree women: A butcher, a mental patient and a dependent on a funeral office, passionate live their roles in the world. Flattening bloody chunks of meat, waiting for the day to be released from the psychiatric hospital, and cleaning coffins, the three young ladies enjoying their day dancing in the shelter of a Chinese pagoda. This video is one of the group of VIDEOS MOHO that Guillermo Fadanelli made in collaborations with characters from the underground scene in the 90’s in Mexico.

Idea: Guillermo Fadanelli

Camera design of Photography: Luis Urruti

Choreography: Yolanda M. Guadarrama

Performers: Liliana Gama, Rosalía Straub, Yolanda M. Guadarrama

Editting: Víctor Mariña



9_Guillermo_FadanelliGuillermo (Mexican) is primarily a writer. Videomaker in his early days . His videos (all made in the 90’s ) are: 2AM, Estoy loca por ti, El secuestro de Monserrat, No tengo edad, Alpura de Fresa, Maricruz, ¿Todavía no se muere?

Some of his books are: En busca de un lugar habitable; Elogio de la vagancia; Insolencia, literatura y mundo: (essays) , Dios siempre se equivoca: (aphorisms), Plegarias de un inquilino: (chronic), ¿Te veré en el desayuno?; La otra cara de Rock Hudson; Malacara; Educar a los topos; Lodo; Hotel DF; Mis mujeres muertas: (novels). Some of his books of short stories are: Compraré un rifle; Terlenka; El día que la vea la voy a matar; Mariana Constrictor. Some of his stories have been made into films and his novels have been translated into several languages (French, Hebrew, German , Italian, Portuguese and Turkish).

Fadanelli is the founder of Revisa MOHO and Editorial MOHO (1988), which he still leads now a days. He’s been part of the underground culture in Mexico. He has collaborated with some fanzines and magazines about literature, criticism and culture, in Spain, Italy, USA, Germany, France, and Chile.

In Mexico he collaborates or has collaborated in the next periodic publications or cultural supplements: Nexos, Letras Libres, Generación, Día Siete, Tierra Adentro, Revista de la Universidad de México, Bleu&Blanc, Soho México, Unomásuno, La Crónica de Hoy, El Universal; La Nación (in Chile); La Vanguardia (in Spain); and several more. In 2007 he was a Fellow of the DAAD in Berlin. He is a Current Member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores in Mexico. He has been a contributor in numerous books and catalogs on contemporary art. In 1997, his novel  La otra cara de Rock Hudson received the IMPAC prize. In 2002, his novel Lodo was awarded in the Premio Colima.




Luis was born in Guatemala and has lived in Mexico since his childhood. He is a cartoonist, 9_Luis_Urrutiavideomaker and journalist. He studied film at San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba. He contributed to magazines such as Golem, Revista MOHO, A sangre fría, La Pusmoderna. He led the supplement Vel Rosita within Revista MOHO. In Guatemala he headed the literary tabloid HASTA ATRÁS. In Oaxaca Luis teaches courses in documentary film production. His most recognized documentary: El pájaro sobreviviente.




Yolanda M. Guadarrama is Mexican, started dancing in 1985, has been a choreographer since9_Yolanda_M._Guadarrama_b 1990 (creating about 30 pieces for different purposes). Beginning in 2007 she has been creating videodance as an alternative language different from the expression in the stage. Dance-Theater has been strongly important in her creations, she usually bases her movements in the daily body language. Yolanda has been part of the founders of some Dance groups, Production groups and Literature publishing projects (Revista Moho, Editorial Moho). She studied Industrial Engineering at the University, and decided to leave the world of Engineering to enter into the world of contemporary dance. Most of her dance studies were in Mexico. In 2007-2008 she lived in Berlin, where she picked some of the many options of dance training possibilities, and Yolanda organized (with Jenny Haack) MOTION: a videodance festival in ADA-Studio, Berlin, in 2008. At the moment she is giving birth to the project: MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO in which series of screen dance and videodance pieces will be shown to the public two or three times a year in Museo del Chopo, Mexico City. Some of the places where she has presented choreographies or videos are:

Teatro Jiménez Rueda, Foro-Bar LUCC, Foro John Lennon, El Amanecer Tapatío, Centro Cultural Los Talleres, Museo Dolores Olmedo. Ada-Studio in Berlín, Bodega Quetzalli in Oaxaca, SOMA, Ex Teresa, Museo del Chopo. VideodanzaBA in Argentina, Festival Agite y Sirva in Mexico.

Her Video-Dance works are: Soldados de la felicidad (1994), De cómo es que las vacas ven los aviones (1995-2008), ¿Aburridas? (2007), Polinomio urbano (2008), ¿Y mi cerebro? (2010), Ciego (2013).


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