MeM#7 —35) Skype Duet

MeM#7 —35) Skype Duet (Emilie Morin y Ryan Clayton. Canadá.) 15 min. TRAILER. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


This is an exploration of Skype as a performative platform. We explore the different spaces that surround us: real, ideal and virtual spaces. How these spaces influence each other, how they both contrast and reflect one another and how the notions of public and private spaces have shifted from the rise of the virtual in our everyday life. How do bodies connect virtually? How do we present ourselves through mediation, what are the faces we are willing to show online, on our computer screen?

We distance ourselves from common uses of Skype, moving towards an abstract language that opens the possibilities of meaning. Is it possible to work with abstraction and still be critical of the commercial technology we use? How can we embrace it without being absorbed by its ideologies?

Directors and performers: Emilie Morin, Ryan Clayton



Emilie Morin was born and raised in Montreal. Since 2006, she works as a freelance dance performer for live performance and dance on screen. She has collaborated with many independent choreographers and filmmakers. Emilie has started an MFA at Concordia University in the Intermedia Program (Studio Arts) in 2017. She has traveled to Europe, the United States and Mexico to present her work, give conferences, teach and for professional development, as well.


Ryan Clayton is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Montreal. There he is currently working on his MFA at Concordia University. Working primarily in digital mediums, Clayton fashions technology which continuously reshapes and

morphs both himself and the worlds in which he finds himself in. Clayton has exhibited in Canada and internationally, both as a founding member of the collective VSVSVS and individually. Recent and notable shows include, Maureen Show III, Darling Foundry, Montreal, at the same time, Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, to space in, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto. Participation in art fairs include Free School, Supermarket, Stockholm and Sailing Stones, Platforms Project, Athens.


Interview to Emilie Morin y Ryan Clayton, talking about their creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.