MeM#9 —19) Entre Ojos

MeM#9 —19) Entre Ojosde Stephanie Sherman, Michal Hall B. R., Melissa Castro from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

This film is a collaboration with and an homage to El Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexicano in one of Mexico City’s most popular neighborhoods, Colonia Doctores. It houses tens of thousands of industrial-age Mexican toys. A broken Mexican doll comes to life in the basement of the museum, and searches for her identity amongst the other dolls, robots, toys and paintings in the bizarre old art Deco building. Discovering a lucha libre cape, she takes on superpowers, jumps from the rooftop, and becomes one with the barrio below. 

Edition: Michal Hall Bravo Ramírez 

Photography: Paloma Martinez 

Cast: Melissa Castro

Original Music: Santiago Vergara 

Choreography: Melissa Castro and Stephanie Sherman 

Storyboard: Michal Hall Bravo Ramírez, Melissa Castro and Stephanie Sherman 

Location: El Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexicano

STEPHANIE SHERMAN                   

Stephanie is a dancer, choreographer, scholar, teacher and bilingual poet with a PhD in Performance Studies from UC Berkeley and an MFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. From 2018-2019, she received a Fulbright Postdoctoral fellowship to explore the intersections of gender, blindness, and embodied movement at the Centro Universitario de Teatro of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and with Teatro Ciego in Mexico City. In 2006, she received a Fulbright scholarship to choreograph dance-theater in Ecuador, and in 2007, she won the National Performance Network’s Red Latinoamericana’s choreographic residency in Ecuador. She has been faculty at Mexico’s Academia de la Danza Mexicana of its National Institute of Fine Arts as well as visiting professor at UDLAP.


Michal is a filmmaker and screenwriter whose work concentrates on women’s experiences of sexuality, family, gender, and contemporary culture. She studied screenwriting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and digital cinema at Cinefilias in Mexico City. She is currently writing a feature-length drama and working on producing/directing a narrative short, Keys.


Melissa is a mexican artist intrested in dance as a visual an experiencial art with a BA in Dance from Universidad de las Américas Puebla. She performed for the playwright Xavier Villanova in “La retórica del Silencio”. In 2017, Melissa with Michelle García were choreographers of the Alejadro Ricaño‘s play “Fractales” directed by Martín Balmaceda; and in 2018 she performed at the International Dance Forum: Performática with the Charles Anderson‘s piece “Secuelas”. Her piece “Sigo en ceguera” was shown at International Dance Day Festival organized by UNAM in 2019. Now she‘s based in Mexico City, where she ́s been dancer in Arantza Rosas‘s “Camino“ (2019), and in the performance “Intervención: Índigo“ by Laura Anderson Barbata Chris Walker‘s choreography (2020).

Interview to Michal Hall Bravo Ramírez, Melissa Castro and Stephanie Sherman , talking about their creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.