MeM#2 —10) Modern Daydreams (EN)

10) Modern Daydreams. (Mitchell Rose, Estados Unidos.) 16 min.

Modern Daydreams is a suite of four Chaplinesque films exploring the theme of movement10_Modern_daydreamsB_baja engendered by day-to-day life. They are post-modern comedies with silent film sensibilities revealing much of the movement about us to be metaphors for both romance and isolation.

Direction and Editing:            Mitchell Rose

Choreography:           Ashley Roland & Jamey Hampton

Performers:     Jamey Hampton & BodyVox dance company

Photography:  C.E. Courtney


10_Mitchell_Rose_by_Stacy_HallPrior to becoming a filmmaker, Mitchell Rose was a NY-based choreographer and performance artist. His company toured internationally for 15 years. Since attending The American Film Institute as a Directing Fellow, his films have won 61 film awards. The New York Times called him: “A rare and wonderful talent.” Mr. Rose is a professor of filmmaking at Ohio State University.


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