MeM#3 —2) White Nights

MeM#3 —2) White Nights (Nuno Escudeiro. Portugal.) 5:42 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


“The sun has risen tonight, and it will only set in thirty days. I cannot fall asleep.”


This film was shot in Northern Finland under the Midnight Sun. It explores the struggle of a man with deprivation of sleep during the time of the white nights, finding at the end a deserved peace, with the first sunset of the year.

2_White Nights 2_baja

Direction and Choreography: Nuno Escudeiro

Performer: Kimmo Hidas-Ilmari

Photography: Agnieszka Pokrywka, Nuno Escudeiro

Editing: Nuno Escudeiro

Music: Bartosz Piekarski

Production: Euphoria Borealis OY



2_Nuno_Escudeiro_bajaNuno Escudeiro (1986, Tomar, Portugal) studied Media Studies at the University of Aveiro and is, currently, studying in Zelig, School for Documentary in Bolzano, Italy. He works on different fields of the moving image, exhibiting both in Gallery and in Film Festivals. His experimental dance short films Pass by (2011), A dance Dictionary (2012) and White Nights (2013) have been screened in several national and international film festivals, such as Directors Lounge 2013 in Berlin, CineDans 2013 in Amsterdam, and Cinerail 2013, in Paris. A dance dictionary (2012) won the award Best Short film in Index – Festival of Experimental Cinema 2013 and White Nights (2013) the Special Prize “Experimental” festival Fiver, La Rioja, Spain.

In 2012, he founded the creative group PostmodernSquare, which is involved in several productions across Europe. Besides, his artistic work, Nuno Escudeiro works in advertisement and has brief background in television.


White Nights has participated in the Festivals:

-Official selection in Dança em Foco 2014 – Maio 2014 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-Official selection in I Mostra na Janela – May 2014 – São Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil
-Official selection in Vagrant Film Festival – Summer 2014 – Across Europe
-Official selection in Sinema Dans Ankara – May 2014 – Ankara, Turkey
-Official Selection of ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT 2014 – February 2014 – Athens, Greece
-Screened in Futures Shorts Rovaniemi – January 2014 – Rovaniemi, Finland
-In Competition in Festival Fiver 2014 – January 2014 – La Rioja, Spain
-Screened in International Short Film Day Futureshorts Helsinki / Euphoria Borealis – December 2013 –
-Helsinki Finland
-In Competition in ShortCutz Viseu Session #14 – December, 2013 – Viseu, Portugal
Winner of Best Short
-Screened in IMPORT/EXPORT seminar – December, 2013 – Rovaniemi, Finland
-Screened in ShortCutz Caldas – October, 2013 – Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
-Screened in Ylioppilasteatterin Huvipuisto – August, 2013 – Helsinki, Finland
-Screened in Midnight Sun Film Festival – June, 2013 – Sodankylä, Finland


And has got the next awards:

Winner of Special Prize “Experimental” in Festival Fiver 2014 – January 2014 – La Rioja, Spain

Winner of Best Short in ShortCutz Viseu Session #14 – December, 2013 – Viseu, Portugal.

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