MeM#5 —9) Holding Nostalgia

Holding Nostalgia (Paulina Ruiz Carballido. Mexico.) 8:47 min.

“Holding, holding time, holding together, holding me, holding you, we hold and start relaxing until we fade in the air” – Paulina RUIZ CARBALLIDO. HOLDING NOSTALGIA proposes a journey choreo-cinema-plaisir-visual-aesthetic-sensible through layers of zooms, images, sounds, noises, words (…) that help hold and relax.

Direction: Paulina RUIZ CARBALLIDO (MX-FR)24_9_holdingnostalgia1

Concept creators and pertormers: Miguel Angel GUZMAN (MX) & Paulina RUIZ CARBALLIDO (MX-FR) Voice & Vídeo: Jean-Baptiste FAVE (FR-MX)

Sound Design: Paulina RUIZ CARBALLIDO (MX-FR) & Jean-Baptiste FAVE (FR-MX)

Edit: Paulina RUIZ CARBALLIDO (MX-FR) & Jean-Baptiste FAVE (FR-MX)

Piece made thanks to Programa Jóvenes Creadores 2014-2015, FONCA, Mexico. In collaboration with Association Collectif V.I.D.D.A (Vidéos, Images, Danses et Documentaires en Atelier), France. Association Frères Poussières, Francia. Festival Itinerante de Videodanza Agite y Sirva México. Espacio Morillo Oaxaca, Mexico. Licenciatura en Danza de la Universidad de la Américas Puebla, Mexico.


1° Festival Corporalidad Expandida (Argentina),

Festival Samples 2016 (México-Internacional),

Muestra de Video-Danza #MUMVI2016 (México).



24_9_paulina-rcDancer, choreographer, teacher, researcher and videographer. Graduated at Magna Cum Laude of the Degree in Dance (2008) at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico. Master’s Degree in Dance Research (2013) at the Paris VIII University France, thanks to the support by FONCA-CONACYT through the Fellowships Program for Foreign Studies, 2010-2012. In 2015, she obtains the Diploma of State of Professor of Contemporary Dance by the CND: National Center of the Dance, France. Her choreographic and screendance work has been presented at festivals in Mexico, Chile, Germany, Cuba, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Denmark, Sweden and Argentina. Since 2009, she is an associate artist in management, curatorship, research and teaching at Agite y Sirva Festival Itinerante de Videodanza, Mexico. She is part of the association Collectif V.I.D.D.A and Sweet & Tender Collaborations – For the End of the World. She has given workshops, conferences, presentations and projections of the genre Screendanza in Mexico, Canada, Sweden, France, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany. She was a jury of the International Screendance Festival (USA) in 2013. She was part of the program of scholarships of the Stimulus Program for the Creation and Artistic Development of Oaxaca PECDA 2012 “b”, category young creators with the project “5to Festival Internacional de Videodanza Agite y Sirva 2013, Oaxaca” in collaboration with the artist Ximena Monroy. Fellow of the Young Creators program, FONCA (2014-2015) with the choreographic project “Holding: Catalog of gestures”.

She has published the article in French and English “L’écran comme espace chorégraphique: Un pas de deux entre le danseur et la camera” in the book “Art in Motion: Current Research in Screendance / Art en mouvement: recherches actuelles en ciné-danse” Co-directed by Marisa C. Hayes and Franck Boulègue (International Festival of Vidéodanse de Bourgogne, France) and published by Cambridge Scholars Press England (2015). She co-directs with Ximena Monroy the publication “La creación Híbrida en Videodanza” (2015), the first printed and digital compilation in Mexico, containing essays, texts and photographic material on Screendance in 5 volumes, which gathers recent research by artists from the American and European continents. This publication is coordinated by Festival Itinerante de Videodanza Agite y Sirva, in collaboration with Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP).

Interview to Paulina Rucarba, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.



4815064_origAudiovisual artist, born in France. He is a sound operator and videographer. Titular of an Audiovisual BTS with emphasis in sound, and Bachelor in Cinema by Sorbonne University, Paris. Jean-Baptiste has been working as an audio engineer on various film, documentary and screendance projects since 2002. In 2006, he made the documentary “Négritude: Naissance et expansion du concept” in Senegal. He has given workshops and has worked as an audiovisual technician for 5 years in the cultural action in Ile-de-France, within the Association AMIS and the Association LE C.E.R.F. in Essonne: taking sound, images and editing fiction films and Documentaries. He participates in diverse artistic projects in particular with Patrick Fontana, Paulina Rucarba and Ximena Monroy in experimental and screendance projects. He works actively with the Association Collectif V.I.D.D.A in France, and in Mexico in collaboration with Festival Internacional de Videodanza Agite y Sirva. In 2013, he made the documentary film École de Mémoire, in the city of Lille. Since 2011, he works at CNC: Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, France.




Photograph by Larry Hamilton

Miguel was born in Mexico. He graduated at Universidad de las Américas Puebla with degrees in Theater & Dance. It has been part of festivals like ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Austria; Mains d’Oeuvres in Paris, France; IF ONLY in Birr, Ireland; Performática in Puebla, México; Stoff Fringe Festival in Stockholm, Sweden; etc. In Europe, Mexico and the United States, Miguel has collaborated with choreographers and directors such as Deborah Hay, Benoît Lachambre, Claudio Valdés Kuri, Mayra Morales, The House of ia, Zap McConnell, Paulina Rucarba, Jason Akira Somma & Larissa Vélez-Jackson; Also with the filmmakers Suzi Sadler in New York, and Benjamin Cantú in Berlin, Germany. Miguel has awarded with multiple support programs by CONACULTA in Mexico. He currently dances in the works by Coco Karol and Camilo Godoy in New York City, and continues performing the solo work by Deborah Hay.