MeM#3 —5) Animal enfermizo

MeM#3 —5) Animal enfermizo (Patricia Woltmann, Yolanda M. Guadarrama. Germany, Mexico.) 9:08 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


Animal enfernizo (Ailing Animal)


Through the interpretation of “hands” and its gestures, some choreographies and metaphors are shown following ten anathemas of E. M. Cioran. In the piece Ailing Animal, certain zoo animals apear as main chatacters in the video, this is due to the weight of its presence on the screen. With this work we try to give importance to the narrative expressed by the anathemas, to the strength of the words which are interpreted in four languages to make an audio tape as exhausting and devastating as its literal content. Here some of the protagonists phrases:5_animal enfermizo1_baja

“This morning, after hearing an astronomer mention billions of suns, I renounced my morning ablutions: what is the use of washing one more time?”
“Man being an ailing animal, any of his remarks, his gestures, has symptomatic value.”
“Those imbecilic pedestrians -how have they come to this? And how to imagine such a spectacle in antiquity – in Athens, for example? One moment of acute lucidity among these damned souls, and all illusions collapse. ”

Direction: Yolanda M. Guadarrama
Hands Choreographies: Patricia Woltmann and Yolanda M. Guadarrama
Performing hands: Patricia Woltmann and Yolanda M. Guadarrama
Invited hands: Alexa and Norma Fadanelli
Photography: Alina Rojas Sotres and Nancy Banfi.
Voices: Alexandro Rodriguez, Carlos Martinez Renteria, Phil Denman, Patricia Woltmann.
Editing: Yolanda M. Guadarrama
@Producciones Merthiolate 2014



9_Yolanda_M._Guadarrama_bYolanda M. Guadarrama is Mexican, started dancing in 1985, has been a choreographer since 1990 (creating about 30 pieces for different purposes). Beginning in 2007 she has been creating videodance as an alternative language different from the expression in the stage. Dance-Theater has been strongly important in her creations, she usually bases her movements in the daily body language.

Yolanda has been founder or cofounder of some Dance groups, Production groups and Literature publishing projects (Revista Moho, Editorial Moho). She studied Industrial Engineering at the University, and decided to leave the world of Engineering to enter into the world of contemporary dance. Most of her dance studies were in Mexico. In 2007-2008 she lived in Berlin, where she picked some of the many options of dance training possibilities, and Yolanda organized (with Jenny Haack) MOTION: a videodance festival in ADA-Studio, Berlin, 2008. At the moment she is giving birth to the project: MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO in which series of screen dance and videodance pieces will be shown to the public two or three times a year in Museo del Chopo, Mexico City. Some of the places where she has presented choreographies or videos are:

Teatro Jiménez Rueda, Foro-Bar LUCC, Foro John Lennon, El Amanecer Tapatío, Centro Cultural Los Talleres, Museo Dolores Olmedo, SOMA, Ex Teresa, Museo del Chopo, Festival Agite y Sirva in Mexico. Bodega Quetzalli in Oaxaca. Ada-Studio in Berlin. VideodanzaBA in Argentina.

Her Video-Dance works are: Soldados de la felicidad (1994), De cómo es que las vacas ven los aviones (1995-2008), ¿Aburridas? (2007), Polinomio urbano (2008), ¿Y mi cerebro? (2010), Ciego (2013), Animal enfermizo (2014) —This last piece was done in collaboration with Patricia Woltmann.




7_Patricia_Woltmann_bPatricia Woltmann is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin, Germany. She trained as a dancer at Erika Kluetz School Hamburg. Patricia also holds an M.A. in dance studies from Laban, London, where she lived and worked for eight years before moving to Berlin. Patty collaborated with artists such as Lizzy LeQuesne (Uk), Ami Garmon (USA/Ger), Nancy Banfi (Ch), Sarah Neville (Aus).

Her work includes dance-based performance, video and poetry, presented in art galleries, theatres and site-specific contexts throughout Europe. A reoccurring theme in her process is the precariousness of balance between place, self and other.

In 2009 she founded the collective Patty & Britty together with dancer/choreographer Britta Pudelko. Currently she is working on a dance-based performance with the dancer Rebecca Rainey (USA). Patty has been teaching contemporary dance and somatic movement practice at various universities in England, Germany and Czech Republic. Since 2010 she is a regular guest teacher for composition and choreography at Erika Kluetz School in Hamburg, Germany.



Animal enfermizo has been included in Breaking 8, Festival Internazionale di VideoDanza (II edizione), Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia. November, 2014.

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