MeM#2 —3) Destierro (Exile)

3) Destierro. (Mariana Arteaga. Mexico.) 3:30 min.


Destierro (Exile). A woman in the middle of nowhere. Alone, sitting on a chair, moved by 3_Destierro_bajathe wind’s whim and an unexpected visitor. This piece of contrasting colors is full of humour and surprise, visual poetry in just a sigh.


Direction, Choreography and Production: Mariana Arteaga

Performers: Tania Solomonoff y Gustavo Muñoz

Photography direction: Israel Romero

Sound design: Ricardo Cortés

Editing: Andrés Castañeda



3_Mariana_ArteagaShe works independently to develop artistic projects, with emphasis on those related to contemporary dance. She is interested in building up expansive relationships between dance and other disciplines, as well as foster dialogue and national and international exchanges to extend the possibilities of reflection, approaching, consumption and enjoyment of dance. Similarly, she believes that it is urgent to promote the exercise of dance from the citizenship, where in the inclusion and coexistence, corporalities and diverse worldviews are accepted, and the sense of community is reinforced. Graduated from the Social Communication’s major at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco, she has worked internationally creating, directing and producing projects, festivals, curatorships, choreographies and videos. She has also worked as a performer for various national and international choreographers. In 2013, she was invited as a speaker at the Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan with the theme Spaces That Reflect “the World” through “Art” – Activities of Unique Museums and Art Centers and to the Festival Cena Contemporânea in Brasilia to the encounters of Cena, to participate in the round table Creative Community, the Citizen as the protagonist. Currently serves on the board of the electronic and Video Festival Transitio_mx Arts, and works as a freelance art director, performer, creator and as advisor for national and international contemporary dance programming.


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