MeM#9 —5) Recepción Lunar

MeM#9 —5) Recepción Lunar de Jorge Alcolea fromMovimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Meeting place to learn about the unknown. The norms and values ​​with which we perceive and relate to our environment and how we are observed in it have been altered. This project arises because of the given new production dynamics created after Covid-19 modified life. Concepts and questions at this moment of confinement sparked the intention of documenting via cell phones how isolation feels. Rediscovering objects, spaces, sounds and relationships of everyday use.

Script and Direction: Jorge Alcolea

Creation and Interpretation: Cristina Baquerizo, Juliana Zúñiga, Jorge Alcolea

Guest: Adriano Alcolea

Edition: Jorge Alcolea


Jorge honda a Degree in Dance from the Arts University in Ecuador. He graduated from Escuela Nal de Artes in Havana, Cuba, as a dancer. Prof. in Modern and Folk Dance. Choreographer and director of El Pez Dorado company. He has made productions such as “En el mejor lugar” (The best place) (2014); “Woman running in a field of flowers” (2015); “La Línea Imaginaria” (the imaginary line) (2016), and “Who are you?”; “Interior” (2017); “Microscopia” (2018), and “El Lugar de los Cuerpos P d” (2019). Works awarded with recognized mentions and awards.

Interview to Jorge Alcolea, talking about his creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.