International Screendance Festival


“Audiovisual polygraphs”

Movimiento en Movimiento returns, it will take place in Mexico City at Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros. The festival offers two programs of 2 hours, containing 24 screendance pieces worthy of attention. Looking for possibilities between narrative, strong meanings, dance and audiovisual media, Movimiento en Movimiento’s main objective is to combine a series of exceptional works to disseminate the videodanza genre, the relationship between cinema and movement, between cinema and choreography of dancers or images or objects. Authors of 14 nationalities are shown together: Greece, Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, United States, Norway, Hungary, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Italy, Israel, Finland and Mexico.

Movimiento en Movimiento: creating addictions and dependences to screendance.



Thursday, November 24th

(1:30 hours plus intermediate 2 minutes interviews to creators.)

1) Itinerarios (Fenia Kotsopoulou. Greece.) 3:15 min.

2) Sink or Swim (Michiel Vaanhold. Netherlands.) 10 min.

3) Cobweb (Talía Falconi. Ecuador.) 8 min.

4) El Otro (Viviana Ariza y Felipe Rodríguez. Colombia.) 6:37 min.

5) Exquisite Corps (Mitchell Rose. USA.) 4:59 min.

6) Songs of the Underworld (Nicola Hepp. Sweden.) 5:50 min.

7) Terraza (Benito González. Mexico.) 3:54 min.

8) Salt (Maria Lloyd. Norway.) 11:30 min.

9) Holding Nostalgia (Paulina Ruiz Carballido. Mexico.) 8:47 min.

10) Handke (Reka Szucs. Hungary.) 18:42 min.

11) Moving Southwark (Jevan Chowdhury. UK.) 5:29 min.

12) Hole —beautiful days (Emilie Morin. Canada.) 13 min.


Friday, November 25th

(1:30 hours plus intermediate 2 minutes interviews to creators)

13) Blueberry Cupcakes (Melina Curi. Brazil.) 5:30 min.

14) Persistanz (Juan Carlos Gallego Gil. Colombia.) 6:36 min.

15) La Magnitude Humain (Florent Schwartz. France.) 10:50 min.

16) Monique’s (Francesca Penzani. Italy-USA.) 9:56 min.

17) Four Stages of Collapse (John Williams. USA.) 9:30 min.

18) Scratch (Vicky Vasilopoulou. Greece.) 10:56 min.

19) Migration (Daphna Mero. Israel.) 13:31 min.

20) De Cara al Cielo (Dixon Quitian y Soraya Vargas. Colombia.) 7:23 min.

21) Objects in mirror are closer than they appear (Jukka Rajala Granstubb y Abraham Lezama. Finlandia, Mexico.) 15 min.

22) Hemisferios perdidos (Yolanda M. Guadarrama. Mexico.) 5 min.

23) Orb / Orbe (Kristin Reger y Gella Zefira. USA.) 4:20 min.

24) El Triángulo Perfecto (Miguel Calderón. Mexico.) 4:05 min.



Free entrance-Complimentary cocktail

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