International videodance exhibition


MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO is a forum to show videodance without undergoing any dogma or competitions or prizes. The aim is to show videodance without hierarchies. We want to present videodance pieces capable of concentrating interest and attract viewers to this genre of art and also we want to open spaces for the existence and development of the creation of dance for the screen.

MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO’s screenings will take place in Museo del Chopo in Mexico City. After the screenings, the videos will be permanently showed in http://movimientoenmovimiento.wordpress.com

This is possible thanks to the authors, some of them have allowed us to place their pieces in our site.

Videodance is a mix of genres (dance, theater, video, noise and music, visual arts, narrative, etc.), it produces choreographic pieces designed specifically to be part of a video or film, although the movement of dance on the screen is occasionally performed only by fragments of bodies or objects. Sometimes High quality film pieces are made, some other times, videodance pieces are made with home camcorders and cheap productions. The name MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO was taken from the idea that videodance is the movement of animate and inanimate objects turned again in movement through the picture frames that run one after another to give the illusion of real movement on a film: movement in movement.

Some common characteristics of the videodance pieces to be presented in MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, are that they all have a personal sense and a proper expression. They convey emotion or knowledge either explicitly or by lack of argument. They experiment with at least one of the next languages: dance, theater, video, noise and music, visual arts, narrative. Then each piece results in a good combination of elements, a creative and interesting proposal, contemporary, daring, and thoughtful proposal.

The curator of MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO is Yolanda M. Guadarrama, promoter and creator of videodance.


MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO #1: April 19th, 2013.

MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO #2: November 8th, 2013.