MeM#5 —11) Moving Southwark

Moving Southwark from Moving Cities Project on Vimeo.

Moving Southwark (Jevan Chowdhury. UK.) 5:29 min.

Commissioned by the Arts Council England, Moving Southwark is a magical realist take on one of London’s oldest boroughs, Southwark. Part of the wider Moving Cities remit to investigate culture and people via dance, we take you deeper into London, probing further into what makes up a city. The narrator, Nadine Marshall and composer, Danny Odom form a score underwritten by 24 dancers. Each dancer was asked to respond directly whats on their mind in that given time, in that given moment.


The films of the Moving Cities project have been screened at about 35 festivals around the world.



24_11_jevan-for-web-19-of-36Jevan Chowdhury is the founding member of Wind & Foster, a design driven creative studio. Jevan is also Director of the Moving Cities project, an initiative presenting world cultures headfirst in a thoroughly dynamic, playful style. His work in London, Paris, Prague and Athens has earned significant accolades with nominations in Sweden, Spain, the US and the UK. Jevan’s work is currently featured in broadcast, online and media publications including LenCulture, Yatzer, Globalshapers and Cinedans.


Interview to Jevan Chowdhury, talking about his creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.