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Collaboration by Mov en Mov & Dance Camera West in ArtPower (UC San Diego)

October 28th, 2021: 8pm in San Diego (USA), 10pm in Mexico City & Colombia, 0am in Argentina & Brazil, 4am in Portugal.

One of the world’s leading dance film festivals, the Los Angeles based Dance Camera West teams up with Mexico City’s Screendance festival MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO to present a program featuring contemporary dance films from Argentina, Columbia, Portugal, and Mexico tell moving stories from both traditional and contemporary cultures.

This film screening will be followed by a Q&A with:

Kelly Hargraves (Dance Camera West’s Executive)

Yolanda M. Guadarrama (Movimiento en Movimiento)

Rodrigo Rocha-Campos (Creator of Chapter 5)

Michal Hall Bravo Ramírez (Co-creator of Entre Ojos)

Moderator by ArtPower: Executive Director Jordan Peimer.


  • Tren azul cincuentas directed by Rocío Becerril Porras (Mexico)
  • Persistanz directed by Juan Carlos Gallego Gil (Colombia)
  • Entre Ojos directed by Stephanie Sherman, Michal Hall B. R., Melissa Castro (Mexico/USA)
  • El ciclo del viento directed by Josue Hermes y Ana del Aire (Mexico)
  • Pellejo directed by Federico M. Panizza (Argentina)
  • Wuuac directed by Alfredo Madrigal (Mexico)
  • Chapter 5 directed by Rodrigo Rocha-Campos (Brazil/Canada)
  • Excessive Bodies – Absent Bodies directed by Stéphanie Janaina (Mexico)
  • We Are On The Same Bus directed by Nuno Serrão (Portugal)
  • Escaleras sin fin directed by Margarita Bali (Argentina)

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