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International Screendance Festival

Movimiento en Movimiento #10

“Liquid Body”

From September 22nd to October 1st, 2022

This year MOV EN MOV is dedicated to the theme LIQUID BODY, to the dissolution of the body because of various possible reasons, we can mention: perpetual uncertainty, fragmented identities, fragile values, continuous movement, speed, vulnerability, volatile gender. The short films chosen for the festival are somehow related to these themes.

Movement in Movement focuses on the exhibition of screendance and experimental films that express the body in different ways, unclassifiable films and videos that are on the limits of video art and experimental cinema.

On this tenth anniversary we return with the slogan: CREATING DEPENDENCIES and ADDICTIONS TO SCREENDANCE.

Mov en Mov magazine 2022 will be available online, on our website, with texts from:

Douglas Rosenberg, Anna Macdonald, Diego Carrera, Vivian Abenshushan, Nayeli Benhumea, Karina Sosa, Adrian Filpio, Brenda I. Steinecke Soto, Yolanda M. Guadarrama, Luis Tirado Morales.

Our programs will be available, in Mexico, at the UNAM Filmoteca, at the José Vasconcelos library, at Galería Xilófago, and at Pulquería Insurgentes. Virtually it will be shown at FILMOCRACY.

Pre-recorded 2-minute interviews with each author will be available in the links in the description of the works.


MOV EN MOV #10 short films will be shown ON DEMAND on FILMÓCRACY

From September 22nd to October 1st.

—For the international community—English spoken—

+You’ll see the films ON DEMAND.

+MOV EN MOV OPENING TALK by Yolanda M. Guadarrama & Yael Weiss. On September 22nd, at 17 hrs. MEXICO CITY TIME ZONE. And see it on demand in the platform.

+AUDIENCE AWARD: Vote for the first film.


Mov en Mov Open Talk in FIRMOCRACY, with Yolanda M. Guadarrama and Yael Weiss


The ship, our planet, is heading into uncertainty where we don’t know if humanity will be able to continue, if the established systems will continue. The works collected in this program help us reflect on possible futures, possible new normalities, almost obligatory reflections in the current period of “Post-pandemic”.

Pre-recorded 2-minutes interviews with each author.

Our Planet Destiny. Chen Li. China. 10’

Ojo Infinito (Infinite Eye). Daniel Magaña. Mexico. 9’

Threading Issues. Margherita Morello. Italy. 9’37’’

l’Ombre Du Doute (Shadow of a Doubt). Feike Santbergen, Sanne Kortooms. Netherlands. 3’13’’

When the Night Falls. Kimmo Leed. Finland. 10’

Walks With Me. Kati Kallio. Finland. 10’47’’

Huge Mountain. LiHeng Zhou. China. 13’


In the limits of the defined-indefined body identity, this program reflects the concerns that various creators have about the representation of the feminine, masculine and transgender; as well as some doubts between the dream, the real and the most common models of beauty.

Pre-recorded 2-minutes interviews with each author.

La Mer. Manolo Campoamor. Spain. 3’11’’

Oonírico (Dreamlike). Diana Morales Sánchez. Mexico. 5’52’’

La Claque / Cheer. Claire Renaud. Canada. 9’16’’

Monumental. Stephanie Sherman, Melissa Castro, Aitana Galaviz. Mexico. 6’44’’

(UN)STRUNG. Harshita Guha. India. 7’56’’

Once I passed. Martin Gerigk. Germany. 10’40’’

Identibye. Sajjad ShahHatami. Iran. 15’


This year MOV IN MOV is dedicated to the LIQUID BODY, the films in this program are representative of the theme: the dissolution of the body because of  various possible reasons: confusion, fragmented identities, fragile values, continuous movement, speed, vulnerability , volatile gender.

Pre-recorded 2-minutes interviews with each author.

Estrobo 2. Benito González. México. 3’

·Lonely Boat. Qi Ma. China. 3’04’’

A Very Something or Other. Anya Liftig. USA. 16’04’’

Bajo la piel (Under the Skin). Carmen Porras. Spain. 15’

Liquid World. Adrian Filpio Arroyo del Puente. Mexico. 6’01’’

In the Vicinity of the Sun. John Scott. Irland. 13’24’’


Losing and winning during the game, risk and life, are intangible values ​​that are reflected in the experimentation that this program proposes. Among these short films we find a digitally altered version of Fred Astaire; the expression of a character outside the conventional circuits of art; blind drawings; a short and unique dance documentary; and an urban experimentation on anger.

Pre-recorded 2-minutes interviews with each author.

Ani Dance 2 (collage30). Luis Carlos Rodríguez. Spain. 5’

Henry’s Room. Arturo Bastón. Mexico. 4’06’’

Home Movies. Rosie Trump. USAs. 6’50’’

The blind writer. Georges Sifianos. Greece. 9’50’’

Ruido (Noise). Karen Susel Flores Gaona. Mexico. 2’

Rooms. Elysa Wendi, Jiekai Liao. Singapore. 14’43’’

Puño (Fist). Thomas Bos. Netherlands. 13’


If you are in Mexico, follow the IN-PERSON activities: here

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