MeM#1 —4) Anatomy of Melancholy

MeM#1 —4) Anatomy of Melancholy. (Nuria Fragoso. México.) 6:26 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Anatomy of Melancholy. (Nuria Fragoso. Mexico.) 6:26 min.

4_Anatomy_of_melancholy_bVisual metaphors about space and emotions portray the quality of melancholy in the character of social groups. Inner feelings through round trips reveal group catharsis, catalyzed by the inadequacy of communicative processes between contemporary individuals.

Direction: Nuria Fragoso

Choreography: Collective Process.

Performers: Waldo Facco, David Leone, Natali González, Barbara Foulkes, Lucía Villa, Carmen Carvajal, Talthui Maza, Janette Fernández, Claudia Landavazo

Camera: José Luis Aranda Nucamendi, Nuria Fragoso

Editing: Martha Uc, Nuria Fragoso

Original Sound Track: Antonio Russek

Scenery: Jhazmín Michán / Ary Ehrenberg

Production: EMPAC. Dance Movies Commission 2009-2010, Troy, NY.


4_Nuria Fragoso_bNURIA FRAGOSO

Mexican artist, dancer and Performer. She has turned her interest to the phenomenon of space as a social reality and as shaper of human relationships. Through her work, she has used space as a social concept to strengthen the research on the ways to create movement and work deeply into the interdisciplinary practices. Currently she pursues a diversity of projects through the use of audiovisual tools with the intent to

constantly generate new groups among various performing, visual and multimedia artists.


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