MeM#1 —11) Breathless



Breathless. (Diego Agulló, Agata Siniarska. Spain, Poland.) 1:47 min.

11_Breathless_bThis video belongs to the series THOSE THREE LITTLE WORDS, in these works the authors use the personal material generated during a love relationship and translate it into a visual piece.

In Breathless the authors play with the relationship Eros / Thanatos. Berlin, 2012.

Direction, performance, creation and production: Diego Agulló & Agata Siniarska




10_Diego_Agullo_bDIEGO AGULLÓ

Diego Agulló is a multidisciplinary artist from Madrid. Based in Berlin he explores formats such as video and performance both on stage and in places extra stage with unique and provocative proposals. He studied philosophy at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a task that he alternated with painting and musical improvisation.

Agulló’s audiovisual creations have been presented in venues such as MONA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, and the Asahi Art Square in Tokyo. He has also participated in events like edition # 57 of the Berlinale and the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

10_Agata_Siniarska_bAGATA SINIARSKA

Agata was born in Poland. She currently studies and lives in Berlin. Being addicted to fiction, she’s making her investigations within the subjective representations, written in pieces. At this very movement, fueled by the energy of profound theoretical insecurity, she tries to produce art with passion and intense fascination


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