MeM#1 —2) Curdled

MeM#1 —2) Curdled. (Diane Busuttil. Australia.) 6:50 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Curdled. (Diane Busuttil. Australia.) 6:50 min.

2_Curdled_bIn ‘Curdled’, 2011, the camera has pre-selected the gaze of the viewer to aid in the visual narrative flow of movement. The images swing between visual finesse and loss of reference that emphasize the intimate nature of the skin’s sensual and erotic value.

I chose to focus on the exploration of what I call ‘body scapes’. I set specific boundaries around how we would work to produce this intimate frame in which the flesh of the dancer is the limitation of the camera frame. I shot this with a wide-angle lens to produce a grainy textural effect of the skin. This artistic boundary determined the close-up nature of the shots as well as the consequence of the dance/choreography between the dancers and the cameraperson, which in turn enhances the intimate textural nature of the work. I was aiming to expose a textural sensuality that can be experienced from the viewer, so that they themselves had a direct experience of the piece; a haptic experience.

Production and Direction: Diane Busuttil

Performers: Diane Busuttil and Maria Scaroni

Photography direction: Barbara Lubich


1_Diane_Busuttil_bBusuttil is a physical performer who trained as a dancer at the University of Western Sydney, Australia from 1992 to 1994, where she majored in dance on film. She has since danced, choreographed and taught her way all over the world performing and collaborating with a diverse range of artistic groups in the capacity of dancer, acrobat, teacher, choreographer, producer and director.

She’s created about 10 dance films with lots of success in Festivals and she has got several awards. She has also created about 20 works for the scenary.

Busuttil has worked on various dance, theater and film projects in the role of choreographer, performer, actor and director in many different cities, theaters, etc.


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