MeM#5 —6) Songs of the Underworld


Songs of the Underworld (Nicola Hepp. Sweden.) 5:50 min.

A Bittersweet, almost tangible remembrance is vividly portrayed by dancers Rolf Hepp (the director’s father), Martinette Janmaat (the director’s former teacher/mentor) and two young performers: Reggy Deekman and Célinne Moza. As the images of the older and the younger couples become more intertwined, we begin to understand that this story is not only about youth being lost.

Director: Nicola Hepp24_6_songs-of-the-underworld

Camera: Chris Fawcett

Edit: Ad Rietvelt


Cinedans Amsterdam, Screendance Festival Stockholm, Trans(m)it festival Philadelphia, dotdotdot festival Vienna, jumping frames festival Hong Kong, Detroit Dance Film Festival, Malmöfestivalen, Forever Dance Festival Sweden, Dance Film Festival Brussels, Sans Soucis Festival USA.



Photograph by Adnan Hasovic

Choreographer and Dance film maker, based in Amsterdam. Originally from Malmö, Sweden, where she trained to become a professional dancer, she later moved to Zürich, Switzerland and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 1999 she graduated from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, to which she returned to obtain her Master in Choreography and New Media in 2006. Nicola Hepp has a fascination for movement, whether it is the moving body or moving images. She has often worked with live or pre-recorded video in her dance performances. For those projects, she choreographed and directed both the live dance and what was being projected on screen. Since 2013 her main focus is dance film making. Her films have been shown in festivals around the world and have received several awards and nominations.

Interview to Nicola Hepp, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.