MeM#1 —7) Molecule No. 1



Molecule No. 1. (Britta Pudelko, Patricia Woltmann, Lucy A. Roberts. Germany, Australia.) 4:14 min.

7_Molecule_No_1_bThe image depicts neutral bodies, objects, perhaps molecules, which simply coexist and move in relation to each other within the space. Bodies on a surface. Passing, colliding, pausing, pushing off, multiplying, morphing out and into one‘s shape. molecule no.1 explores the flatness of the horizontal plane. Every beginning is simple. It starts with molecules meeting. 2011.

Direction, Choreography, Performance: Britta Pudelko, Patricia Woltmann

Photography, Editting: Lucy A. Roberts

Sound: Olivia Oyama

Production: Patty & Britty




7_Britta_Pudelko_bBRITTA PUDELKO

Britta Pudelko went throughout her dance career from a classical and technical movement base, she received her professional dance training at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, New York, to a much more open and contemporary way of moving. Being very influenced by the work of Stephen Petronio, Jeremy Nelson, Luis Lara Malvacias, Susan Klein und Barbara Mahler.

She has danced with Bernard Baumgarten, Robert Poole, Christoph Winkler, Michael Clark and others.

In 1997 she founded together with Katrin Geller the company Pathfinders, for which she choreographed 3 pieces until 2000. Since 2001 she is a member of the theatre and opera company under the directorship of Achim Freyer and worked with him amongst others at Staatsoper, Berlin, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw and Los Angeles Opera.

From 2004 to 2006 she worked with the choreographer Akram Khan as rehearsal director, choreographic assistant and dancer for his world touring production of “MA”.

Since 2008 she is a regular guest teacher for Sasha Waltz & Guests, studio LaborGras, Berlin and Tanzfabrik, Berlin. In 2009 the collective Patty & Britty was formed together with Patricia Woltmann.


7_Patricia_Woltmann_bPATRICIA WOLTMANN

Patricia Woltmann is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin, Germany. She trained as a dancer at Erika Kluetz School Hamburg. Patricia also holds an M.A. in dance studies from Laban, London, where she lived and worked for eight years before moving to Berlin. Patty collaborated with artists such as Lizzy LeQuesne (Uk), Ami Garmon (USA/Ger), Nancy Banfi (Ch), Sarah Neville (Aus).

Her work includes dance-based performance, video and poetry, presented in art galleries, theatres and site-specific contexts throughout Europe. A reoccuring theme in her process is the precariousness of balance between place, self and other.

In 2009 she founded the collective Patty & Britty together with dancer/choreographer Britta Pudelko. Currently she is working on a dance-based performance with the dancer Rebecca Rainey (USA). Patty has been teaching contemporary dance and somatic movement practice at various universities in England, Germany and Czech Republic. Since 2010 she is a regular guest teacher for composition and choreography at Erika Kluetz School in Hamburg, Germany.

7_Lucy_A_Roberts_bLUCY A. ROBERTS

Graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Sculpture from the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia in 1998, Lucy A. Roberts has since been working in video, performance and production.

Her work has focused largely on the lack of connection between contemporary humans and homo sapien’s original instincts.  Her exhibition “Humanongenosis”
 at Gallery Art Claims Impulse in Berlin in 2007 featured her video series of street interventions where performers devolved into chimpanzee-like behaviour on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Berlin.

Molecule no. 1 is part of the continuation of a series of works exploring how to recreate a performance experience utilising video art. She has continued exploring this concept in her Long Shots photographic series. Large format photographs of social occasions layer multiple images to represent a moment on the wall. These were exhibited at Smarloft apartments&art, Berlin, Germany in 2011.

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