MeM#7 —23) Golem

MeM#7—23) Golem (Diego Chacón, Alexander Dluzalt, Ernesto Zavala y Carmen Ixchel Maya. México.) 1:07 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Third place: Golem (Diego Chacón, Alexander Dluzalt, Ernesto Zavala y Carmen Ixchel Maya. Mexico.)

An infinite bond of creations. The constructor asks himself, through his creation, the meaning of existence. There is no such existence. Eventually, whoever that has been manufactured can as well become a producer of new imaginaries that he himself questions. The cycle is repeated.


Comunidad Sí: Ernesto Zavala, Alexander Dluzalt, Diego Chacón.

Collaborations: Prendas de H. by Hector de la Peña; Golem/Model – Alex Mediola (Paragon Models), Mujer (M) – Carmen Maya (COLECTIVO CM), Hombre (H) – Maximiliano Flores (ACADEMIA DE LA DANZA MEXICANA); Director of photography: Georgina Escalante; Editing: Carmen Ixchel Maya; Fixed photography: Lizet Trinindad; Assistance: Josué Mejía y Aquetzalli Chávez.

Jury note: Editing here is used as a choreographic tool. The strong rhythm in the cuts is supported and accompanied by electronic sound. The classic theme of the Golem, the manufacture of beings with non-organic materials, as well as the classical configuration in a triptychon are interrupted by the “scratching” of the video and the rhythm that occurs as a result, it is a classic theme treated throughout a non-classical editing filter, which implies a contrast in the experimental treatment of creation of this film.


Creator: Carmen Ixchel Maya (Mexico City, 1994) develops her work in the field of performance and moving image. She has been invited as perfomer at Teatro de la Danza, Museo Universitario del Chopo, GAMA (FAD), CMMAS in Morelia, Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales en la Facultad de Ciencias (UNAM ), Salón de Danza UNAM, and Diego Rivera ́s Studio House. She was a resident artist of CaSa Oaxaca as part of the videodance and expanded scene laboratory RESONANCIAS. Her work in video has been presented in divers festivals in Colombia, Brazil, Madrid, Italy and Mexico.

FB: IG: @wawarona


Interview to Carmen Ixchel Maya, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.