MeM#1 —8) Subte

MeM#1 —8) Subte. (Ximena Monroy, Paola de la Concha. México.) 5:58 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Subte. (Ximena Monroy, Paola de la Concha. Mexico.) 5:58 min.

8_Subte_bMultiple encounters among strangers with the thread of a spacial composition and the body distribution at Buenos Aires’ subway. Accumulation takes a protagonic role between scenes, questioning the horizontal distribution in this space, the indifference and interaction among people pushing, hanging, kicking, gesticulating and stopping, inside the limited space of the metro porteño.

Direction and Choreography: Ximena Monroy and Paola de la Concha

Performers: Carmen González, Gabriela Peña, Marisol Monroy, Manuel Calvo, Ximena Monroy and Paola de la Concha

Photography: Ximena Monroy and Carmen González

Editing and Sound: Ximena Monroy

Production: Colectivo tomate




8_Ximena_Monroy_bXIMENA MONROY

Ximena Monroy founded and leads Agite y Sirva · festival itinerante de videodanza, this festival has ben presented in 16 cities in Mexico, 8 in Latin America and 6 in Europe. Ximena videography includes (bis) (2007), frontera danza (2008), subte (2008), El intervalo (2009) and Las tunas (2010), selected and awarded pieces at festivals in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, United States, Spain, Portugal and China. She has been artist in residence at the 10º Festival Danzalborde in Chile and in Barcelona thanks to the Programa de Residencias FONCA-CONACYT 2011-2012. Her research work has been included in Estudios sobre Danza en la Universidad published by Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, Uruguay (2010), and in Arte del cuerpo digital: nuevas tecnologías y estéticas contemporáneas published by Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina (2012).


8_Paola_de_la_Concha_bPAOLA DE LA CONCHA

Paola De la Concha Zindel finished her career at ULDAP in Architecture, and Contemporary dance at the Politecnico di Torino. In exchange studies, she studied museology, theater architecture and stage design at the Architectural Association in London. Since 2006 to the present she has exhibited photography in London; photography, painting and object art in Exposiciones del Colectivo El Panal in Puebla; photography at the Bienal Ibero “Ética y estética de la ciudad”; videodance in the Encuentro Estatal de Arte Contemporáneo in Puebla and in Festival Tápias de Brasil.

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