MeM#4 —10) Irina

MeM#4 —10) Irina (Martin Kers, Erik-Jan Maalderink, Kristel van Issum. Netherlands.) 10:17 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Irina (Martin Kers, Erik-Jan Maalderink, Kristel van Issum. Netherlands.) 10:17 min.

True stories merge with an illusionary world, in which women can take on every kind of identity to survive. The spectator observes them closely.

It is a collaboration between the group T.r.a.s.h and 10_Irina_bajacinematographers Martin Kers (MMXI) and Erik-Jan Maalderink (VOXL).

Director: Martin Kers & Erik-Jan Maalderink

Choreography: Kristen van Issue

Performers: Oona Doherty, Sarah Lutz, Katharina Meves & Lucie Petrušová

Photography: Martin Kers

Editing by: Martin Kers & Erik-Jan Maalderink

Sound: Arthur van der Kuip

Production: Paul van Weert

Musician: Walter de Kok (violin)

Grip: Erik-Jan Maalderink


IRINA was screened in:

02.03.13                       Première NL | CINEDANS FESTIVAL 2013 | EYE Film Institute | Amsterdam.

17.06.14                      Action Christine, Cine-Danse-Les films de danse aux Pays-Bays, Parijs (FR)

13.08.14                       The Body Building, Boulevard, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

14.08.14                      The Body Building, Boulevard, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

16.08.14                      The Body Building, Boulevard, `s-Hertogenbosch

01.11.14                      EKKO, Utrecht

18.10.14 – 26.10.14       Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

april ’15                       RAK – Willem II Fabriek, ’s-Hertogenbosch



10_Martin Kers_bajaMartin is from the Netherlands. He started in the field of digital photography manipulation in the mid-90s and moved towards the moving image over the years. Worked on a large number of commercial productions as well as many independent art and theater projects.

Formed motion design studio LADDS [the organization of imagination] as filmmaker / animator / (art) director / vj (Video Jockey) from 2003 – 2011, together with artschool friends Erik-Jan Maalderink and Leon van Rooij.

After splitting up in 2011, Martin Kers started MMXI, shifting more towards film and capturing reality than animation and the artificiality of it.




10_Erik-Jan Maalderink_bajaBorn and grown in the south of the Netherlands, Erik-Jan Maalderink attended the ‘Academie voor Beeldende Vorming’ art school in Tilburg to study filmanimation and become an independent filmmaker and animator.

As a founding member of production studios X-ite (1996), LADDS (2004), and more recently, VOXL motion | design (2011), Erik-Jan Maalderink has been a producer, art director, filmmaker and animator in a broad range of both commercial and artistic audiovisual productions like videoclips, commercials, corporate films and projection mapping of large scale event visuals.




10_Kristel van Issum_bajaArtistic Director & Choreographer.

Kristel van Issum works like a sculptor, peeling away the layers of the body right down to the core. She sees performers as sculptures, moved by energy, sound and instinct. She asks herself where conscious behavior ends and instinct begins. She seeks a language of movement which seemingly allows the body to break natural laws. A language of dance in which the performer turns into a plaything rolling between body and soul.

Dance is filled with raw elements, often violent but sometimes also subtle. It is about outbursts which are controllable. The distorted body is an unmistakable part of the idiom of T.r.a.s.h. Van Issum wants to be open to everything which goes against logical and rational thought. In this process, she does not use traditional organized principles, but applies the concept of deconstruction, disintegration and construction of new structures of meaning; theatre becomes a sounding board and textual landscape.




(Subtitles in process.)