MeM#7 —27) Leer

MeM#7 —27) Leer (Thomas Bos. The Netherlands.) 8:18 min. (EXCERPT – FRAGMENTO) from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


In the dancefilm Leer (Leather) we observe Hank. Hank has problems. Hank does not fit in. Riding his motorcycle enables him to clear his mind. Above a velocity of 130 everything becomes black and white. During his nightly drives his thoughts and reality become deeply entwined. Hank is no longer sure if his experience is real or not, but he is sure of one thing: if you twist the throttle far enough, no one will hear you cry in your helmet.

“I am interested in movement, humor and authenticity. Movement is nice because the body doesn’t lie. Agnes de Mille once said: “The truest expression of people is in their dance and in their music. Bodies never lie.” Video or film is the best way for me to really show something (movement for example); words are often used to hide stuff, images are used to show stuff. I like to tell something with humor. There is a misconception that equates solemnity with seriousness, and humor with the lack of seriousness. Something that is solemn could totally lack seriousness, and something humorous doesn’t necessarily lack seriousness. When someone is really laughing, you don’t need to know why. You can feel someone is laughing for real and this makes you laugh too.” Thomas Bos.

Director: Thomas Bos

Choreography: Erik Bos

Camera: Arno Kwint

Sound design: Sam van Eenbergen

Producer: 155 (onefivefive)


Leer was awarded with Second place at the International Screendance Award MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO #7, 2018.

Jury note: Leer is a piece that has richness in the way of approaching the camera shots, the edition and the experimental narrative through dance with very smooth movements that sometimes simulate electronic games movements. It has elements of cinema, video-art and screendance in a fortunate combination. It’s also a work with humor that invites the viewer to continue watching the film and enjoy it. Leer leads us to think of the classic motorcycle leather in another way.

Headshot aec0cacb6b-headshotTHOMAS BOS

Thomas Bos (1988) obtained his bachelor degree Digital Video Design in 2013 at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. He started (break)dancing with iLL Skill Squad at age 12. During his studies he did an internship for multimedia artist Oliver Laric in Berlin. Before, during and after his studies, Thomas has made autonomous videowork aswell as videowork for others including work for 155 (onefivefive), DOX, MAAS, de Krachtcentrale and Stukafest. Thomas is currently a dancer and artistic director at the dancecollective 155 (onefivefive) alongside his brother Erik.

Movimiento en Movimiento found it impossible to interview Thomas Bos. This is an informative video about Thomas:

MeM#7 —27) Thomas Bos. Los Países Bajos. Entrevista por su obra Leer. INTERVIEW. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.