MeM#5 —2) Sink or Swim


Sink or Swim (Michiel Vaanhold. Netherlands.) 10 min.

In an otherwise deserted swimming pool, a group of boys play a game with its own rules and hierarchy. The boys continually goad one another into going another step further. Newcomers Yinka and Glenn first need to prove themselves. How far will they go to gain a position? Will they lose sight of themselves and their friendship? In Sink or Swim they dance like their life depends on it.

Screenplay: Michiel Vaanhold en Jaakko Toivonen

Director: Michiel Vaanhold

Broadcaster: NTR

Choreography: Jaakko Toivonen D.O.P.: Jorrit Garretsen

Executive Producer: Philipe Wentrup

Gaffer: Michel IJzerman24_2_sink-or-swim2

Production design: Dorine van IJsseldijk

Make-up & Hair: Madelon Prinsen

Editor: Daan Wierda Sound

Design: Olger Star

Music: Marc Bischoff

Dancers: Yinka Adekoya Silvan van den Berg Jeffrey Bordewijk Julius El Sayed Floris Meilink Quinten Smit Joby Tremus Glenn Verheijen


Cinedans, Amsterdam 2014 Loikka, Helsinki 2015; Cairo International Cinema and Arts Festival for Children, Egypt, 2015; Screendance, Stockholm 2015; International Screening of Video Dance “Body in Focus, Porto 2015; Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, 2015; International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, 2015; Ajyal Filmfestival, Doha 2015; DMJ International VideoDance Festival; Tokyo Inshadow; Lissabon, 2016; Fiver, Logrono, 2016 (winner); Athens Video Dance Film Project, 2016; North West Film Forum, Seattle, 2016; Childrensfilmfestivalseattle, 2016 Dugrainademoudre, 2015; Videomovimiento, colombia, 2016; Breaking 8, Italy, 2016. Prizes: • Videomovimiento – Mejor propuesta original • Flatlands Dance Film Festival – Best film (2016) • Fiver festival – Best film (2016) • Cairo International Cinema and Arts Festival for Children – Best film (2015).


Michiel Vaanhold


Michiel Vaanhold is an Amsterdam based director of short films. He majored in both Cultural Psychology and Documentary Filmmaking at the Dutch filmacademy. Since then, he has been combining the two fields in both documentaries and short fiction films. With choreographer Jaakko Toivonen he made his first dancefilm ‘Sink or swim’. ‘HANG ON – CARRY ON’ was made in collaboration with choreographer Erik Kaiel. Together with choreographer Giulio D’Anna, he is currently working on a new film in which he combines dancefilm with documentary elements.

Interview to Michiel Vaanhold, talking about his creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.