MeM#4 —2) UMBA

UMBA from Pixelgrower / Fabien Coupez on Vimeo.

UMBA (Fabien Coupez. France.) 14:41 min.

A beautiful girl suffers from a hit and run on the streets of Brooklyn. Her lifeless body is brought to a morgue where she wakes up among the dead dregs of society: junkies, prostitutes, homeless and gangsters. First perceived as a threat, these freaks will prove to be full of humanity allowing the girl to finally find her peace. Year of production: 2014

Director: Fabien Coupez2_UMBA_baja

Choreography:  Katherine Helen Fisher

Performers:  Ramona Kelley, Alison Clancy, Jonathan Eden, Eric Hoisington, Steven Ezra Marshall, Sarah Nachbauer, Shakira Stewart

Photography:  Derek McKane

Editing: Adam Bazadona

Music by: Ark

Production: Fabien Coupez & Paradoxal ( Gaetan Rousseau, Carole Jarrin)

It has participated in the Festivals:

* New MediaWave / Hungry / April 2014

* Brooklyn Music Video Festival / Brooklyn, NY USA / April 2014

* Agite y Sirva (Pour & Shake) · Screendance Touring Festival 2014

* Guadalajara, Mexico · 15-21/06 · Encuentro Nacional de Danza / August 2014

* Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Pifan) / South Korea / July 2014

* Festival International Cortometraje ESMI / Bella Vista Buenos Aires, Argentina / September 2014

* Burbank International Film Festival, Los Angeles, September 2014

* NeMaf Seoul New Media Film Festival, Seoul, Aout 2014

* Open Air Filmfest, Weiterstadt, Germany Aout 2014

* 7th Siguientescena Festival in Queretaro, Mexico, Aout 2014

* 6th Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival / Hong Kong , China. / 11-17 Septembre 2014

* New Orleans Film Festival / New Orleans, USA / October 2014

* Zompire – Undead Film Festival / Portland / USA / October 2014

* Busan International Video Festival 2014 / Seoul / South Korea / December 2014

* Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung, Taiwan) from April to June in 2015 in a solo room

Awards: Special  Prize @ Festival International Cortometraje ESMI / Bella Vista Buenos Aires, Argentina

2_Fabien_Coupez_bajaFABIEN COUPEZ

French Director, Producer and Writer. Fabien lives in Brooklyn, has a heart in Paris and draws inspiration from Greek Mythology to Nietzsche and especially from Music. He has been in production as a Flame artist and VFX supervisor for over fourteen years. Umba is his first film.


(Subtitles in process.)