Trailers Movimiento en Movimiento # 6

Apocalypse, ecology and dynamic angels.

Women, crisis and collateral effects of crimes… and political crimes…

Nature against barbarians and entertainment ripples.

“Polis” and freedom. PERMANENT LOOP from 11 to 19 hrs.


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Iberoamerican Screendance Extralimitations. PERMANENT LOOP from 11 to 19 hrs. Collection of films in collaboration with REDIV.


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Showing Laboratory Results


Showing Laboratory Results


This laboratory was leaded by Yolanda M. Guadarrama ( as part of the 6th edition of the International Screendance Festival Movimiento en Movimiento.


Three experts in screendance and experimental cinema will be present to make comments of the works to be shown:

Nayeli Benhumea: Screendance creator and critic.

Lucitzel Pedrozo: Screendance creator and academic researcher.

Alina Rojas Sotres: Filmmaker, expert in experimental cinema, screendance creator.


Short pieces to be shown *:


— Laboratorio Movimiento en Movimiento 2017.

— Amar yo. María Gracia Velázquez, Rodrigo Díaz.

— Hierro, Ciudad y Movimiento 2017-2018. Pável Escareño.

— Memoria. Diego Martínez, Arizbet Cervantes, Andrea Ortega.

— Intacto. Pável Escareño, María Mayoral.

— Nosotros, ustedes y ella. María Gracia Velázquez, Pável Escareño, César Martiny.

— Trigonometría del azar. Diego Martínez, Dora Navarrete.

— Terremoto. María Gracia Velázquez, Rodrigo Díaz, Minerva Rosas.

— Catastrophique. Iván Bueno, Andrea Ortega, Omar Danuk


Free event. Open to public.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

From 16 to 18 hrs.


Paseo de la Reforma, esq. Lieja s/n, Col. Juárez. CDMX. Mexico


More information in:

and here.


*Program subject to changes without prior notice.