MeM#9 —12) Reasonable Adjustments

MeM#9 —12) Reasonable Adjustments de Anna Macdonald from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Reasonable Adjustments emerged from a series of workshops with people who live with chronic pain, run by creative writer Ceri Morgan and dance artist Anna Macdonald ( Participants in the project spoke about the endless adjustments, and tiring dynamic planning, that moving with pain requires. This film responds to the creativity shown by these people as they adapt continuously to their changing environments and capacities. Drawing on Miranda Pennell’s highly influential work, ‘You made me love you’ (2004) it shows the participants trying to stay in the frame of a camera that moves playfully away from them. Sometimes they adjust – sometimes they refuse. The film has a quality of responsivity: the intensely present quality of a body seen reacting to events as they unfold in time.

Artist: Anna Macdonald, 

Performers: Sophie Powell and John Mills, 

Camera Operator: Calum Smail, 

Music: Du bist die Ruh by Schubert played by Takashi Sato 


Anna Macdonald is a dance and moving image artist from the UK who uses lm to expose the resonance of simple movements such as moving from ‘here to there’, ‘holding’ or ‘getting slower’. She specialises in working with the public, developing innovative models for participatory and interdisciplinary arts practice, and her work is regularly exhibited and published in both festival and gallery settings. In 2018, Anna was awarded an Institute of Liberal Arts fellowship at Keele University, working with creative writer Ceri Morgan, which focused on the relationship between movement, time and chronic pain ( This project led to Anna’s current research, funded by Arts Council England, exploring the act of witnessing within performative digital practices. She currently works part-time as a senior lecturer and researcher at the Manchester School of Art, MMU where she leads the socially engaged art research cluster. She publishes regularly in leading journals on the relationship between dance, time and affect.

Interview to Anna Macdonald, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.