MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO announces the RESULTS of the Call 2017.

We thank all participants who attended to this call.

We received 200 works to be considered. The final decision was very difficult, as several pieces of high quality were left out of the selection because of reasons of space, practical matters, requirements and aesthetic interests of the festival.

The final program will be published quite soon. We are publishing now the list of pieces that were selected through the call. Yolanda M. Guadarrama did the curatorial task based on the festival’s interest spectrum: vinculum between screendance and literature, philosophy, humanist reflection, solid and emotional conceptual meanings; besides it looks for pieces that dare to risk further; and also it looks some specific features in the interdiscipline field: visual richness, audiovisual language development, clarity of content and choreography in harmony with the piece.


“Black Prisma”, Aliki Chiostaki, Grecia.
“After Mrs. Mills”, Anna Macdonald, UK.
“Recydle Project”, Hsiao-yin Peng, Taiwan.
“We no longer wait for the Barbarians”, Alain El Sakhawi, Francia.
“Pellejo”, Federico M. Panizza, Argentina.
“Omar”, Virginia García y Damián Muñoz, España.
“Kiujefna”, Cristian Valle Celedón, Chile.
“Composición X1328”, Elia Shewionkova, Rusia.
“Divergentes”, Carmen Ixchel Maya, México.
“The Earth Will Come”, Katelyn Stiles, USA.
“Unsettling Green”, Gustavo Monteiro & Francesca Perrucci, Portugal-Italia.
“A Chicken”, Eduardo Ferreira Silva, Brasil.
“Moral Cleanse”, Diane Busuttil, Australia.
“Body/Bag”, Mark Freeman, USA.

“2-28”, Florent Schwartz, Francia.

“Proclamation”, John Scott & Jason Akira Somma, Irlanda.
“Dynamic Biography”, Helge-Björn Meyer & Katja Richter, Alemania.
“Open”, Leïla Bergougnoux & Magali Benvenuti, Francia.
“Not with a Bang”, Alessandro Amaducci, Italia.
“Engler Over Toten”, Ella Fiskum, Noruega.
“SEPHER SEPHIROTH”, Manolo Campoamor, España.
“Serie Ripples del Cinema”, Thomas Tepepunk, México.
“Primer Movimiento”, Octavio Iturbe, México.
“Agnus Dei”, Réka Szücks, Hungría.
“Telepresence: An experimental performance for (live) camera”,

Fenia Kotsopoulou & Daz Disley, Grecia-UK.

“Pelos 1”, Edwarda Gurrola, México.
“Te amo tanto”, Anajosé Aldrete, México.

Please, send selected pieces, to email in HD, a format for Quick Time, by one of the next platforms:



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The dates to receive the files are from October 6th to 16th, 2017.

We’ll contact you to agree in the videointerviews schedule.


With great excitement!