MeM#7 —2) Gone

MeM#7 —2) Gone (Helena Jónsdóttir & Vera Wonder Sölvadóttir. Islandia.) 15:58 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


GONE is physical cinema. A middle-aged man visits “Gljúfrasteinn” a house in Iceland where the novelist and Nobel Prize writer Halldór Laxness lived with his wife Audur. While the couple is away, a man enters the house and spends the day there. Who is gone? Is he really there? What if someone spent the day at your house in your absence? Would you ever know?

Who is living your life when you are not there?
Gone is a humorous little thriller that gives us an unusual insight into one man’s journey into the dance of life.

“In a night, or in a day,
in a vision, or in none,
is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream”.
-Edgar Allan Poe

“I’m not interested in how people move, but what moves them.” -Pina Bausch

Directors: Helena Jónsdóttir and Vera Wonder SölvadóttirPoster GONE
Choreographer: Helena Jónsdóttir, Original movements Ingvar E. Sigurðsson
Main character: Ingvar E. Sigurdsson.

Script: Helena Jónsdóttir and Vera Wonder Sölvadóttir
Producers: Vera Wonder Sölvadóttir and Helena Jónsdóttir
Production company: Wonderfilms, HProductions,
Co-producers: Guðrún Edda Þórhannesdóttir, DUO Productions
Production countries: Iceland 2014


Dancer, Choreographer, Film- & Videomaker

Helena Jonsdottir studied at the National Theatre Ballet School of Iceland, with additional studies at Alvin Ailey, New York. She has performed in and choreographed countless productions for television, film, music videos and the stages. Helena has also written, choreographed and directed many dance films, including Breaking voices (2002) and Zimmer which won the IV. Videotanzpreis 2003/2004 of SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne.

Besides being recognized internationally the last years for her work in Scandinavia, UK and USA – in 2003 she was nominated as Best Choreographer at the Music Video Production Association Awards, Los Angeles – Helena Jonsdottir has been highly respected in Iceland for many years as one of the leading contemporary choreographers, both for television and stage.


Vera graduated from the Directing and Writing Department of the Sorbonne University I in Paris with two Masters degrees in 2006. Vera has worked on various documentaries, music videos, shorts and feature films, mostly in France and in Iceland. Vera founded the production company Wonderfilms in 2013. She is currently working as a director and a producer as well as hosting the cultural TV show Djöflaeyjan/ Devil’s Island at RÚV, The Icelandic State Television.


Interview to Helena Jonsdottir, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.

MeM#7 —2) Helena Jonsdottir. Islandia. Entrevista por su obra Gone. INTERVIEW. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.