MeM#9 —24) La Herencia Invisible

MeM#9 —23) Stay if You Can / Go If You Mustde Elysa Wendi from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Gastón and Laura are two brothers who live in a house inherited by their family. They live together in the solitude of an immense house, full of fortunes and heavy memories. Opening drawers and objects from the past, Laura discovers murmurs coming from there. Both brothers decide to close the doors of the house where the sounds come from, and isolate themselves in the safe rooms. Everyday life seems to continue, until secrets spread more and more and inhabit everywhere. Tension grows inside the house, while outside, the popular masses demand justice, in favor of the unprotected and against the country’s bourgeoisie.

Laura and Gastón dance frantically with mechanical movements trying to free themselves from the past and the structures that make them up.

Both brothers flee the house, leaving the space empty and with their memories inside.

Script and Direction: Martina Faux Marambio

Executive Production: Surcos Del Viento And Compañía Danza Viva

Assistant Director and Head of Production: Natalia Zamar

Production Assistant: Leonardo Martinatto

Director of Photography: Andrés Grabois

Gaffer: Pablo Carnicero

Camera Operator: Agustín Ottonelli

Camera Assistant: Adriana Ramírez

Sound Director: Juan Manuel Yeri Racig

Art Direction: Mara Arrieta

Costumes and Makeup: Romina Soria

Choreography and Choreographic Direction: Cristina Gómez Comini

Cast: Laura Fonseca and Gastón Palermo

Original Music: Guillermo Ceballos

Editing: Martina Faux Marambio

Color Post Production: Gonzalo Greco

Sound Post Production: Flame Sound


Martina Faux, Argentina (1987). She is National Professor of classical dances and Lic. in Cinema and Television by Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. She forms the company Surcos del Viento (2013), and with the company she makes short films, tv series and a documentary feature film. She ventures into the field of screendance mixing her two passions. She currently performs these film dance projects: “Sembrando Fuegos”; “Una serie danzada”; “La herencia Invisible” y “Bailar el Duelo”.   

Interview to Martina Faux, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.