MeM#7 —22) Aparición

MeM#7 —22) Aparición (Lutz Baumann y Alma Quintana. México.) 18:56 min. (EXCERPTS – FRAGMENTOSfrom Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.


Aparición is an interdisciplinary practice that has been in motion for several Years. The basis is a choreographic research initiated by Mexican Choreographer Alma Quintana in collaboration with the visual artist Lutz Baumann and resulted in several performances, exhibitions, photographs and this video. The exercise translated into a practical reflection on the phenomenon of memory in relation to how it is activated while the body moves and transforms. The bodies deal with time in time, a continuous present that also becomes past, because while the practice is carried out, different memories are evoked: that of the sensation, that of the movement, that of the form and that of the image of experience.

Creators: Lutz Bauman, Alma Quintana



Lutz Baumann works as an independent artist in the field of photography, film and installation. His complex and diverse practice questions the respective place of imagery examining. Immediate reality is an important element in his work that is addressed to the nature of what we see and the truth realness of it. It comprises two aspects: observing-perceiving and, at the same time, the experience of the viewer’s subjective interpretations and associations. His installations look into technologies of image production and notions of surveillance, resistance and memory. The procedure often bears resemblance to performance. This is manifested either in the way a work is done or in the character of presentation.



Alma Quintana, 1981, Mexico. Artist and teacher working in the field of choreography and dance. She has been supported by the Eprodanza (2012-13) and FONCA in various programs (2010, 2014 and 2015) to study as a guest at SNDO, Theaterschool, Amsterdam, and to create and disseminate her work. Also, she has been benefited by Iberescena (2014) to make a residency in Inhotim and Sesc Palladium in Brazil. She is a member of the AM Collective and the Interferences project.


Interview to Lutz Bauman and Alma Quintana, talking about their creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.