MeM#5 —13) Blueberry Cupcakes


MeM#5 —13) Blueberry Cupcakes (Melina Curi. Brasil.) 5:30 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

 Blueberry Cupcakes (Melina Curi. Brazil.) 5:30 min.

Inspired by Raymond Carver’s short stories ‘Why don’t you dance?’ & ‘What We Talk

About When We Talk About Love’.

A retired couple have an absolute routine for their everyday life. The next day is the same as the previous one. He (68) spends his time in the porch reading the horse races, drinking tea and smoking pipe. She (63) works the entire day trying to make the house the perfect place to live, cleaning and cooking the most colorful and tasty cakes for herself and her 25_1_blueberry-cupcakeshusband. One day, the visit of an innocent girl (17) will change their lives for a short period of time, making both realize that their lives together could be a little bit different.

 Written and Directed by Melina Curi – Produced by Nacho Guzmán



Garden State Film Festival 2016


25_1_melina-curiMELINA CURI

Melina is an award-winning director respected for her achievements and vision in the art of filmmaking. In her native Brazil, after she graduated from Film Studies (Unisul, 2004-2008) she worked for two year as an editor at TV RECORD. Subsequently, she founded the production company Produtora Sublime where she was responsible for creating and producing short films, TV shows, documentaries and entertainment events (Florianopolis Children Film Festival2004-present). Melina also specializes in Scene Directing (EICTV-Cuba, 2010) and studied Experimental Film – MA at Met Film School (London, 2013). She has received prestigious government grants that provided her the opportunity to write and direct her own short films. Most recently, Melina has been working on film projects in Ireland, the UK and the USA. She is always looking outside herself and challenging herself to find new avenues for her unique take on storytelling through film.