MeM#5 —8) Salt

SALT, by Maria Lloyd, will be showed complete in the BBC during January, 2017:

Salt (Maria Lloyd. Norway.) 11:30 min.

“When you shatter your fantasies the pain may be crippling or transformative. You will want to go back to the fantasies because you will never be sure whether you have really broken free.”

The film mixes stop frame animation with dance, puppetry and live action. It was filmed in the amazing underworld of Wieliczka salt mines outside Krakow in Poland, and in Scottish sand dunes.

Ditrector, writer: Maria Lloyd24_8_salt

Actors: Octavia Selena Alexandru, Sian Webber, Colin McLean, Ingvild Rognmo

Puppeteers: Sean Myatt, Elisza Peressoni Ribeiro

Editor: Inge-Lise Langfeldt, Maria Lloyd

Sound: Frederic Monnoye

Producer: Ingvil Giske

Screenings and Festivals

2014: Hovedscenen NRK 2 TV Norway shown with “The making of Salt” by Igor Devold; Norsk kort, “Vilt,Vakkert og Visuelt”  Cinemateket Oslo Norway; Blått lerret ,Parkteateret Oslo Norway; Short films Aurora Films Lillehammer Kino, Lillehammer Norway; Hamarama, Short films screening, Hamar Norway; Short film corner in Cannes, presented by Norwegian Film Institute festival distribution team; Polish premiere in Salt mines Wieliczka, Krakow, Poland; New Horizon festival, Wroclaw, Poland; NFDK short film screenings at Film Festival in Haguesund, Edda Kino, Norway; Shoot Dancefilm evening: Maria Lloyd, site, Stockholm, Sweden; SVT2 “Danskvall” Swedish TV; Interfilm Festival Berlin, Reuter salon and Babylon cinema, Berlin, Germany; Kort screening, KINOKINO Festival, Sandnes Norway. 2015: “Vanishing Lines”, music video screened in Theran, at The Norwegian Embassy, Iran; London Short Film festival Hackney Picturehouse, London, England; Travelling Oslo Festival, Rennes, Bretagne France; Cinedance Festival “Framed performances”  Amsterdam Netherlands; “Dance Moments” Krakow Poland; “Jumping Frames” festival Hong KongTour to Beijing and Guanzhou China; “Nordisk Panorama” Malmø, Sweden; “Golden Prague” International TV festival. Czech Republic; SALT/LEFT OR RIGHT FOR LOVE/BLIND DANCER/RUMI/FOR YOU; “Public Screens” 5 screens in city of Stavanger, Norway; showing the above films for one month; Bucharest International Dance Film Festival. Romania; Walhalla Screenings, tour of Finland 8 screenings; YLE Finnish National TV screening SALT & THE MAKING OF SALT. 2016: RIFF Festival, Norway.



24_8_maria5Maria trained at the International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Since then she has been creating dance animation films. Her experience of working extensively with teams of artists has led her to find a personal film language where art forms meet and challenge each other. Living in England for 13 years her films were commissioned and distributed by South East Dance Agency in the UK and Euroarts in Berlin. Her work has been funded by Arts Council England and she won the IMZ prize in Monaco for the best screen choreography. Her short films have been shown on European TV channels and screened in many international festivals. She was part of starting The Nightingale Theatre, which has become known as a cutting edge interdiciplinary art centre in the UK. Maria is now based in Oslo and works with Medieoperatørene production company. She is now working on a new documentary project, ‘Mapping the air’, about a blind dancer.

Interview to Maria Lloyd, talking about her creative experience. Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.