MeM#4 —11) Aare

MeM#4 —11) Aare (Andrea Keiz. Germany.) 13 min. from Movimiento en Movimiento on Vimeo.

Aare (Andrea Keiz. Germany.) 13 min.

AARE was made and meant as a video installation to be presented in loop.

It was shot in Bern Switzerland.

“I was interested in the countermovement of people walking up the river and floating down – the

constant flow in both directions. As well as in watching the pleasure of people.11_aare_5elegida_baja

Celebrating their lunch break, poeple change, leave a pile of cloths, walk up the river, dive in

and float down as part of their daily life in summer.”


Director, photography, editing: Andrea Keiz

Choreography and performers: public

AARE has participated in the opening of the festival: 2001



Andrea Keiz by  Joao Henriques

Andrea Keiz by Joao Henriques

Since 2000 Andrea Keiz has been working in the field of video documentation of contemporary dance. (From 2000 to 2010 mainly in cooperation with Mimecentrum Berlin, where she was involved as well in the development of the database as a research tool for performing arts.) Besides documentation, she has done live video work in performance, as well as artistic video work. Current she is collaborating with Berlin based artists Jochen Roller and Laurie Young.

She did the video documentation for the educational book “Tanztechniken 2010” as well as the documentation for the project TANZFONDS ERBE ( funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes:, a project about preserving (German) dance heritage.

Besides filming, she is also editing, advising students in documentation, offering workshops in video//dance and perception..



(Subtitles in process.)