Submission Results

International Screendance Festival MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, Edition Number 5.

We received several amazing proposals, thanks to all those who attended the call because of their cooperation and openness to share their creations.

Unfortunately we cannot choose more works for this edition, as the festival format does not allow us to include a greater number of works. We will consider your proposals for the following editions.

Here the selection of video dance pieces that were received by submission:

“Itinerarios” Fenia Kotsopoulou
“Exquisite Corps” Mitchell Rose
“Monique’s” Francesca Penzani
“La Magnitude Humaine” florent schwartz
“Trou (les beaux jours)” Emilie Morin
“Songs of the Underworld” Nicola Hepp
“Four Stages of Collapse” John Williams
“Sink or Swim” Michiel Vaanhold
“Migration” Daphna Mero
“HANDKE -A Bauhaus Study for Choreography on Camera” Reka Szucs
“Blueberry Cupcakes” Melina Curi
“Cobweb” Talía Falconi
“El Otro” Vivi Ariza
“Terraza” Benito González
“HOLDING NOSTALGIA” Paulina Ruiz Carballido
“PERSISTANZ” Juan Carlos Gallego Gil
“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” Jukka Rajala Granstubb
“De cara al cielo” Dixon Quitian
“Scratch” Vicky Vasilopoulou  
“Orb / Orbe 1” Kristin Reger  

Creators or representatives of the selected works, please:

1) Send the screendance film in high resolution from October 19 to 24. Format to be played in QuickTimes in high resolution to the mail

sending it preferable through a link via Dropbox

or (free platform to send big files).

2) In case you cannot come to the screenings on November 24-25, at Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City:

Purpose a date to give a 1 or 2 minutes interview through

Skype (we are in the Mexican time zone: Mexico City) to talk about your creative experience. Or purpose how can we do the interview-conversation.