From July 19th to September 15th, 2017.


International Screendance Festival


We invite screendance creators and audiovisual creators —audiovisual and film makers who produce hibrid art with movement and choreography of objects or bodies— to register their films to be included in the festival in its edition number 6, which will be held at Centro de Cultura Digital (, Mexico City, on November 23th, 34th, and 25th, 2017. And to be included in the Permanent Gallery of MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO in the web:

We also invite creators to purpose a live screendance performance to be performed by a long distance virtual call, by computer.

Up to 20 screendance pieces will be selected to be part of this edition.

The official selection is already being collected, however this submission is opened to look for films which we would not find out without the call.

MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO is looking for screendance pieces according to the following rules:
1) Short films from 1 to 15 minutes.

2) Screendance, making a synthesis, is a mixture of the art of dance and the audiovisual arts, multidiscipline, for this call we appreciate the films that have a clear, original, expressive, speculative and if possible humanist content in meaning, either through narrative expressed by a plot or by the sequence of images, or through symbolic languages or contrasts.

3) The borders and differences between dance films and films or videos of experimental art are shifting, so that, those videos or films that show choreographed movements made by objects, animations, camera movement, dancers or actors are accepted. It means that we also accept those films that have their origins in the experimental art and at the same time have some choreographic composition in its visual structure.

4) We do not accept documentation of stage pieces, only those that have been adapted to an audiovisual language.

5) A creator can submit up to two screendance pieces.

Please, do not send films that were sent to former submissions.

The creators of the official selection films will be notified by email, and also the selection list will be announced on September 25th, 2017, on the website:

Doubts, question or comment, please send an email to

To register a film, you must fill out the following form: