Open Call 2022 RULES


Register your work from February 1st to May 31st, there will be staggered deadlines: Early, Regular and Late.

We call screendance, dance film and audiovisual artists —creators of audiovisual works that hold a composition and artistic-choreographic movement of bodies or objects in their creations— to submit their works to participate in the 9th edition of the festival. This year Movimiento en Movimiento will be celebrated in September, 2022. The selected works will be included in the Permanent Gallery of Movimiento en Movimiento on the web **:

(** Creators can choose to authorize only fragments of their work for this gallery.)

We also call to submit Live Screendance Performances by video-calls. See number 9 in the rules and terms.

Up to 20 works will be chosen to be part of this edition.

The official selection will be elected by Movimiento en Movimiento curators and the selection of the awarded pieces will be done by invited international juries, in agreement with the festival team. The elections of the jury will be unappealable.


Audiovisual works will be accepted according to the following rules and terms:

1) Short audiovisual pieces from 1 to 20 minutes.

2) Although Screendance, dance film and videodance are interdisciplines that takes up the qualities of dance and audiovisual, we are interested in the discursive possibilities generated by these languages in the crossing with other disciplines, so we especially value the works that have reflections on: PHILOSOPHY, SOCIETY and LITERATURE either explicitly or symbolically.

The tenth edition is entitled LIQUID BODY, looking for works that question the limits of any of the various definitions of “body”. However, works of diverse themes will be chosen.

3) We accept those experimental audiovisual works that have a choreographic intention in their structure, whether they show movements made by objects, drawings, digital strokes, or movements by the camera, dancers or actors.

4) We do not accept documentation of stage pieces, only those that have been adapted into an audiovisual language.

5) The last day to submit audiovisual works will be on May 31st, 2022.

6) Before completing the registration for this call, ensure that your projects in FilmFreeway contain, in addition to the audiovisual work, the following information and files: a) Brief synopsis of the work. b) Brief biographical note of the creator or creators. c) Mention the nationality of each creator. d) At least 3 photographs of the work in good resolution. e) A photograph of the director or creator (one for each creator) in good resolution. f) Year of creation of work. g) Complete credits.

7) Movimiento en Movimiento is a non-profit festival. To submit your films and videos, a donation of 14 dollars is requested for the early submission up to March 15th, 17 dollars for the regular submission up to April 30th, and 20 dollars for late submission up to May 31st. These amounts will be used carry out the administration of the call.

8) Creators of the selected works commit themselves to:

a) Send the digital file of the piece (in HD resolution, .MOV format or .MP4 with codec H264) to from Jult 15 to 20, 2022.

b) Fill out an authorization letter: official selection creators will receive the format by mail, it shall be completed online. The authorization letter format will ask for a brief synopsis of the work, a brief biographical note, and other information required for promotion. Also, through this format, photographs of the piece and of creators should be sent.

c) Arrange an appointment to have a 2 minutes interview by video call online (Skype or Zoom), interviews shall be finished before July 30th. The interviews will be about the films and creative experiences of the artists.

9) PERFORMANCES: We accept 3 to 10 minutes performances. They will be performed live by video call (Skype preferably) and can be broadcast from anywhere in the world on a day between September 23 and 30, 2022 (to be confirmed). Performance must be proposed to the festival through a script, semblance of its content, photographs and / or preliminary video recording. These pieces will have to adjust to the thematic lines that the festival seeks, mentioned in the description section of the festival. These works are not eligible for prizes. Movimiento en Movimiento is a non-profit festival, to submit your performance, a donation of 6 dollars is requested for the early submission up to March 15th, 8 dollars for the regular submission up to April 30th and 10 dollars for late submission up to May 31at. These amounts will be used to carry out the administration of the call.

10) If the audiovisual work has sound in a languish different to Spanish, and it is selected, the work will be requested with subtitles in Spanish or we will need the transcription and translation of the text in order to subtitle it.

If you have any doubts or problems with the FilmFreeway platform, please send an email to


Results will be announced on July 15th, 2022 on the website:

Movimiento en Movimiento does not have any budget for travel or per diem expenses, if directors of the official selection wish to join the activities, they will be responsible for their expenses. You’re welcome to join us!