International Screendance Festival MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO #9, “Body Identity”

We celebrate for the first time, the award: MOV EN MOV-REDIV, 2020.

It is given in complicity between MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO and Red Iberoamericana de Videodanza-Screendance Iberoamerican Net (REDIV).

Learn who are the members of the jury:

Regina Levy

Brazilian director of production. She works as an independent professional in cultural production and has participated various projects in relation with: music, film, dance, video dance, visual arts, books and theater projects, environmental and cultural events, among others. She has performed and participated in various encounters, stages and curatorships in Brazil and abroad. Since 2003, she has been the executive and production director of dança em foco – Video y Dance International Festival. She is a member RED IBEROAMERICANA DE VIDEODANZA-Screendance Iberoamerican Net (REDIV). (www.dancaemfoco.com.br)

María Fernanda Vallejos

BA in Fine Arts UNR. Since 1993 she has investigates the body-technology interaction, her screendance works Dimensión Mandala and PH-Propiedades Horizontal, both selected in numerous international festivals and the lastone, winner of the EMPAC Dance Movie Commission 2007 Troy, NY grant and Best Video Experimental Festival Latinoamericano de Video Rosario. She is a judge on numerous international festivals. Her last video, Samba, was released in 2014; year in which she created and represented RED Nacional de Videodanza. She is a screendance professor at I.S.P Danza Rosario. She is a cultural manager at Asc. COBAI Festival Internacional El Cruce, Revista Inquieta, she created in 2005: COBAI VIDEO LIBRARY http://www.cobai.org. She is an active member of Red Iberoamericana de Video Danza- Screendance Iberoamerican Net (REDIV). She organizes and dictates workshops, seminars, clinics and video dance screenings. She currently lives in Rosario in front of the Urquiza park where she enjoys walking with her son. (https://filmfreeway.com/MariaFernandaVallejos)

Yolanda M. Guadarrama

Director of Movimiento en Movimiento, engineer, dancer, choreographer, audiovisual creator, coeditor of MOHO Magazine and Editorial. She is dedicated to the creation, exhibition and promotion of screendance, she made her first sceendance in 1994. She was Cofounder of the Motion festival in Berlin, 2008. She has been a curator for the RIFF festival, Norway for 6 years. She was a Screendance judge at LIFF, UK. Her work AILING ANIMAL obtained honorable mention in Agite y Sirva ,2015. POTATO EATERS obtained first place as an experimental short, Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, 2018. Her works have been exhibited in several international festivals. She is a member of RED IBEROAMERICANA DE VIDEODANZA-Screendance Iberoamerican Net (REDIV). (www.yolandamguadarrama.com)