MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO # 3 (more information)

foto muestra MeM3_baja

Third International Videodance Exhibition

This edition will screen eight videodance pieces by authors that give us a diverse and intense sample of some of the possibilities of this genre, exceptions in the way of conceiving a hybrid work with video, dance, sound, theater, and more. Proposals that will lead us to profound content related to our deepest questions, so they will be close to break through the emotional boundaries of the viewer. Coincidentally, these works seem to be attractive to an audience who is used to see stories through image: anyone who declares himself addicted to strokes drawn on paper or moving pictures displayed on a screen may get the surprise to be attracted by this sample. Dance in some of these videos, only appears subtly veiled between everyday and theatrical expressions.
This projection promises: “other beauty” locked between sheets of metal containers at Port of Mindelo, Cape Verde, highlighted by Ghérasim Luca words; an unusual monograph on insomnia generated by the bright sun shining during 30 consecutive days in the vicinity of the North Pole; reflections on the nature of dance video, conceived from the same work; a moody labyrinth map images created in our memory; anathemas by Emil Cioran, causing confusion both in the certainty of our existence as on the screen; a raw sample of circus anatomy; harsh paradoxes of urban everyday life expressed as disruptive relationships; The story of a failed dancer who surreallistically travels from the performance of Swan Lake to her love-freedom (im)balance across the desert.
Most of the videos to be screened have already been successfully part of some international film festivals or videodance festivals, however three of them will make their world premiere during this projection.
To go through certain closeness with the creators and their works, and also, why not?, to satisfy our curiosity, all invited authors will speak about their videodance pieces and their creative experience. Authors who will be present: Ella Fiskum (Norway), Nayeli Benhumea (Mexico), Amy Ling (USA), Yolanda M. Guadarrama (Mexico), and A. Salomón (Mexico). The rest of the creators: Be van Vark (Germany), Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal), and Martin Kers (Netherlands), will share their comments, by real time video calls, or pre-recorded ones.
Ella Fiskum, will visit us as a special guest from Norway because of three reasons:
1) Showing personally her videodance work and talk about it.
2) Giving a videodance workshop where she will share her personal working method. The workshop is entitled From Draft to Screen and is opened to all those with professional expertise in choreography, film, camera, music, audiovisual and similar, or artists in connection with multi-discipline, and who also are interested in creating a film piece in combination with dance. Limited entry. More information:
3) To perform the piece she did as a parallel work to her hybrid video, Performance: Casa Blanca 0811, where Ella Fiskum goes to the scenery along with the Mexican actor Antonio Salinas, the dancer Sudesh Adhana and the singer Houwaida Goulli.

Citing some of the parameters to “value” videodance, including space and sound, shape and objects —proportion and angle—, time, emotion, movement and choreography, story, post-production, links between audio-visual language and other languages… MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO has always paid special attention to story and emotion, over other values. The election of videos is made by Yolanda M. Guadarrama through the constant search of creators of videodance showing strong and unusual trajectories and through the recommendation by the authors who have already participated in MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO.

Some days after the screening, the videos that are part of this exhibition will be included in the permanent gallery MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO on the web, as another way of promoting the videodance gender.

Video screening and chat with the authors. Date: Friday, October 3rd, 2014. 20:00 hrs.

Ella Fiskum Performance: Casablanca 0811. Date: Saturday, October 4. 19:00 hrs.
—Video workshops imparted by ELLA Fiskum, From Draft to Screen
Duration and dates: 12 hours. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from September 29th to October 3rd, from 11:00 to 14:00 hrs. More information:

Museo Universitario del Chopo. Mexico City
Foro del Dinosaurio Juan José Gurrola

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