International videodance exhibition

“Eleven screen creations — eleven coincidences”

We will show eleven short videos by various authors (from Australia, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Poland and Mexico) who have developed a significant and, in some cases, long career in the new field of screendance. We want to present pieces capable of concentrating the interest of viewers with creative, contemporary, fearless and thoughtful creations.

Living Room Legend. (Diane Busuttil. Australia.) 5:30 min.

Curdled. (Diane Busuttil. Australia.) 6:50 min.

Chámame. (Silvina Szperling, Susana Szperling. Argentina.) 9:00 min.

Anatomy of Melancholy. (Nuria Fragoso. Mexico.) 6:26 min.

Del género sinfónico. (Anabella Pareja Robinson, Leonardo Martins. Mexico.) 4:52 min.

Gehen. (Andrea Keiz. Germany.) 2:14 min.

Molecule No. 1. (Britta Pudelko, Patricia Woltmann, Lucy A. Roberts. Germany, Australia.) 4:14 min.

Subte. (Ximena Monroy, Paola de la Concha. Mexico.) 5:58 min.

Ciego. (Yolanda M. Guadarrama, Alina Rojas Sotres. Mexico.) 13:02 min.

Tuning Love. (Diego Agulló, Agata Siniarska. Spain, Poland.) 4:04 min.

Breathless. (Diego Agulló, Agata Siniarska. España, Polonia.) 1:47 min.



The appointment is in Museo Universitario del Chopo

Foro del Dinosaurio Juan José Gurrola

Date: 19 de Abril 19th,  at 19:30.




After the screening there will be a lecture “Reflections about videodance creation” held by Yoshua Okón (Yoshua has a long career creating and promoting contemporary art, making videos that he describes as “near-sociological experiments”), and three of the creators involved: Ximena Monroy, Nuria Fragoso and Yolanda M. Guadarrama. They will argue and discern on the presented works and their own work.

Mexico City

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