More information about MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO #1

First international videodance exhibition


“Eleven screen creations — eleven coincidences”

This is an invitation to the first MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO videodance (or screendance) screening in Mexico City.

We will show eleven videos by various authors who have developed a significant and, in some cases, long career in the new field of screendance. All the videos to be shown maintain a high level of quality and are representative of this genre of art. We do not doubt that viewers who watch MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO will be further encouraged to look for this kind of creations.

MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO is a forum to show videodance without undergoing any dogma or competitions or prizes. We want to show videodance without hierarchies and also we want to open spaces for the existence and development of the creation of dance for the screen. MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO will take place in Museo del Chopo in Mexico City, museum which has a proven its interest in new art proposals.

Videodance or screendance is a mix of genres (dance, theater, video, noise and music, visual arts, narrative, etc.), it produces choreographic pieces designed specifically to be part of a video or film, although the movement of dance on the screen is occasionally performed only by fragments of bodies or objects.

We are showing as well pieces that have a film quality, and pieces that have been done with home videocameras and cheap productions.

An international call has been carried out to conform this first exhibition. Looking for variety and surprise in the videos, so that we can conceive comparison parameters extra borders, beyond a single canon.

We also intend to promote reflection about videodance creation. After the screening there will be a lecture “Reflections about videodance creation” held by Yoshua Okón (Yoshua has a long career creating and promoting contemporary art, making videos that he describes as “near-sociological experiments”), and three of the creators involved: Ximena Monroy, Nuria Fragoso and Yolanda M. Guadarrama. They will argue and discern on the presented works and their own work.

Some common characteristics of the videodance pieces to be presented in Museo del Chopo, are that they all have a personal sense and a proper expression. They convey emotion or knowledge either explicitly or by lack of argument. They experiment with at least one of the next languages: dance, theater, video, noise and music, visual arts, narrative. Then each piece results in a good combination of elements, a creative and interesting proposal, a contemporary, daring, and thoughtful proposal.

The curator of MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO is Yolanda M. Guadarrama, promoter and creator of videodance.


On the web:

The appointment is in Museo Universitario del Chopo

Foro del Dinosaurio Juan José Gurrola

Date: 19 de Abril 19th,  at 19:30.


Mexico City

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